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New Dynasty Warriors 9 Footage Is A Little Concerning

Dynasty Warriors 9 (for clarification’s sake, Dynasty Warriors 8 in Japan) is open world. That means, to some extent, developers at Koei Tecmo are having to throw out the bathwater and hope the baby stays in. Judging by the preview

Xbox One Dashboard Is Changing Again For Customization Purposes

Microsoft revealed today that Xbox One is undergoing a new change to its dashboard, being sent out to Insiders to test today. The new dashboard update emphasizes customization and allows users to place blocks with their desired shortcuts around the

Developers of Spelunky, Downwell, And More Team Up For New Game Compilation Project

UFO 50 is a 50-game compilation of all-new 8-Bit titles by five different indie developers, with the intent to marry the NES-like aesthetic with modern game design sensibilities. This is Spelunky developer Derek Yu’s first project since that game’s 2012

Matching All 45 U.S. Presidents To All 45 Chrono Cross Party Members

The United States of America has had 45 presidents. Chrono Cross has 45 characters you can recruit as party members. Despite existing in different realities, our commanders-in-chief share some staggering similarities with the denizens of the classic PlayStation RPG –

Geralt Shreds Through Novigrad In New Fan Mod

The world of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is massive, and it takes a while to traverse by normal means of transportation. CD Projekt RED incorporated a fast travel system to ameliorate long journeys, but sometimes you just really don’t

The Sports Desk – Inspecting The Changes To Madden & FIFA Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is a big boon for EA Sports, and both Madden 18 and FIFA 18 are introducing new wrinkles for the ongoing popular mode. Do these additions change the formula or is it business as usual? First off, here

David Hasselhoff Raps About Guardians Of The Galaxy In This Music Video

David Hasselhoff and the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 go full 70s (and some 80s) together in this music video ahead of the film’s blu-ray release. If you sat through the ending of the movie, you might

Jecht From Final Fantasy X Returning For Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Square-Enix’s upcoming PlayStation 4 fighter merging the Final Fantasy universes will once again feature Jecht, Tidus’ hotshot father and primary antagonist of Final Fantasy X. Jecht uses his large black sword as his primary weapon and seems to enjoy long

Netflix Buys Creator-Owned Comic Publisher Millarworld

Streaming media giant Netflix recently announced it has purchased Mark Millar’s comic book publishing house, Millarworld. Mark Millar first made a name for himself working in the comic industry on titles like The Authority, The Ultimates, and Marvel Comic’s first

Eight Characters We Want To See In Dragon Ball FighterZ

Historically, Dragon Ball fighting games have always straddled the line between being competent fighters and throwing in loads of characters and complex mechanics to make the gameplay look just like the show. The closest things fans had to a nuanced