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It Has Been Seven Months Since This Smash Bros. Tournament And The Winners Have Not Been Paid

Compete, a site focusing on esports, reports on the curious case of a tournament called BEAST 7 in Sweden. Over half a year after BEAST 7 took place in February, several of the winners have been expressing their discontent and

Take A Tour Of Slime Rancher With Us

On the surface, Slime Rancher seems simple. You collect slimes, feed them, and make money from the “plorts” they produce.  But how does the translate to gameplay? What tactics can you use to build a thriving operation? How does exploring

GI Show – Tacoma, Slime Rancher, Brett Douville Interview

Welcome back to The Game Informer Show! On this week’s episode, we dive in deep with Fullbright’s Tacoma thanks to Elise Favis, Dan Tack, and Joe Juba. Then Ben Reeves joins the show to talk about his hours of playing Ubisoft’s

Watch Us Take The Tacoma Sports Challenge

We’ve all been looking forward to Fullbright’s follow-up to Gone Home for the same reason: the sports. Sure, both games have compelling stories that examine the human condition in novel ways, but how are the basketball physics? To answer this

Disney Introducing Star Wars VR Experience At Theme Parks

Not content with waiting for Star Wars amusement parts to be built in 2019, Disney is introducing VR experiences at Disneyland and Walt Disney World later this year. The experience, titled Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, is being built

Thumper Coming To Xbox One August 18

“Rhythm-Violence” game Thumper is making its way to Xbox One on August 18, with Xbox One X enhancements in the fall. The Xbox One version takes advantage of the controller’s impulse triggers to vibrate your fingers along with the beat.

More Free Overwatch Loot Boxes Coming To Twitch Prime Members

Starting next week, Twitch Prime members will receive five free Overwatch loot boxes.  If you’re a Twitch Prime member from August 10 to September 10, you can get a redeemable code for your in-game rewards here. Twitch Prime members can also

UPDATE: Voltron LEGOs Are Official Thanks To Fan Demand

Update: The Voltron LEGOs have officially been confirmed and are moving into development for 2018. We’re updating with the fan model photos here, which you can also find on LEGO’s announcement post.   Since 2011, Lego has been turning the

The Evil Within 2 Expands On Player Choice And Freedom

Bethesda has put up a blog post explaining how The Evil Within 2 will make good on promises made by the first game with regard to customization and player freedom. In the original game, players were ostensibly given carte blanche

Guile From Street Fighter Is Selling Hair Gel

Do you ever wonder how Guile styles his glorious America-defending hair? Turns out he’s actually eager to tell you. J-Gel, a Japanese cosmetic company, has revealed that Street Fighter’s Guile is their animated spokesman for their line of hair gel.