Daily Archives: 07/11/2017

Blizzard Introduces The Mythic Dungeon Invitational For Hardcore Dungeon Crawlers

World of Warcraft is making its way more into eSports with The Mythic Dungeon Invitational, which challenges players to take on the hardest dungeons in the game and prove their skills. Blizzard is looking for participants from around the world

Astro Gaming Comes Under Logitech Umbrella After $85 Million Acquisition

Today, Logitech announced it has acquired Astro Gaming, bringing it to its Logitech G gaming team. Logitech has earned a reputation for its focus on PC, tablets and phone peripherals, but acquiring Astro Gaming allows the company to add console

Check Out Five Minutes Of Splatoon 2's Dualies In Action

Dual-wielding weapons in Splatoon 2 is ridiculously fun, and we have five minutes of footage that shows off just how much carnage the Splat Dualies can deliver. This video is a montage of three stages, all from the game’s second

Stranger Things 2 Is Launching A Few Days Earlier Than Originally Announced

The hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, is well on its way to delivering the long-awaited follow-up. After Stranger Thing’s debut in July of last year, fans were already clamoring for answers to the season’s conclusion. Netflix has just announced that

From Final Fantasy XV to Life Is Strange, Nier Director Gets Candid About His Favorite PS4 Games

Yoko Taro, best known for his work on the Drakengard and Nier series, marches to the beat of his own drum, and thank goodness. His games all have their own unique style and aren’t afraid to be dark. The director,

Arms Gets A New Character And Versus Mode Tomorrow

Last month, Nintendo announced that the first free DLC character for Arms would be Max Brass. Today, we got news that he’ll be joining the game along with some other additions, starting tomorrow! The update includes a few balance changes

MSI Partners with EKWB for Sea Hawk EK Promotion

MSI partners with EK Water Blocks for the Sea Hawk EK Promotion wherein owners of MSI Sea Hawk Series graphics cards can avail 10% discount at the EK Webshop plus free shipping! Source: Vortex Hardware News

Play As An Aging Businessman With Comically Egregious Practices In Shakedown: Hawaii

A year and a half ago, Retro City Rampage creator Brian Provinciano announced that his new game would be called Shakedown: Hawaii, and today it finally got a full reveal trailer. Shakedown: Hawaii is another open-world crime game played from

Kingsway From Adult Swim Games Gets New Trailer And Release Date

Adult Swim Games and Andrew Morrish have revealed a new trailer for the upcoming operating system-based RPG. The self-proclaimed “OSRPG” allows players to escape the monotony of their everyday desk job by traveling to the fantastical world of Kingsway, where

Team Group T-Force Delta DDR4 Gets a Touch of RGB

Team Group refreshes the T-Force Delta DDR4 memory with a touch of RGB lighting thus introducing the T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 memory. Source: Vortex Hardware News