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Portal Speedrunner Flies Through Game Without Using Portals

There is no other way to describe it than a triumph, but speedrunner icy has broken the world record for the Portal category of never actually using a portal. He nailed a trick early on in five minutes that he

Bioware Montreal Merges With EA Motive

The studio behind Mass Effect Andromeda, Bioware Montreal, is now tearing down its metaphorical walls and merging with EA Motive. The two studios share the same floor and office space, making a strange distinction as the two studios worked closely

Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy Review – A Stumble On The First Step

As the daughter of the world-renowned Professor Layton, Katrielle has a lot to prove – both in the fiction of the Layton universe and in the real world. Katrielle’s first adventure marks a reboot for the series, with a new

Splatoon 2 Adds New Stage Exclusive To Splatfests

Nintendo is adding an exclusive map to this weekend’s Splatfest. This new map, Shifty Station, can transform between events and appears to be exclusive to Splatfests. You can play Shifty Station starting on August 4 at 9 p.m. Pacific until

Party Of Three – Reviewing The Applebee’s Tablet Games

The video games press can’t cover everything – there just isn’t enough time to look at all of the games that release each year. Naturally, these pressures lead to blind spots. We, the interns, have taken it upon ourselves to

Kermit the Frog Becomes The Universe 7 God of Destruction In This Dragon Ball Xenoverse Mod

It ain’t easy being green. Ask Piccolo. This video, showing off the Kermit the Frog mod for Dragon Ball Xenoverse, is two minutes of watching the musical frog style all over Dragon Ball’s favorite heroes, villains, and Broly. With some

Ark: Survival Evolved Delayed Just Before Release

Fans of dinosaurs, and particularly fans of hunting dinosaurs, were hotly anticipating Ark: Survival Evolved’s official release on August 8th. Unfortunately, developer Studio Wildcard announced a small delay, pushing the game three weeks to August 29th.  “It sucks,” reads the

The Sports Desk – A Conversation On The NHL 18 Online Beta

EA Canada’s online beta for NHL 18 is just about to end (August 1), and Kim, Bertz, and I have been putting it through its paces, testing out the new Threes mode, increased deke/defensive stick features, and getting impressions of

Super Replay – Pokémon Snap Episode 1

After the marathon that was Shenmue II, Andrew Reiner and I decided it was time to play something that didn’t require quite so much long-term commitment. We wanted something that felt closer to a walk in the park, or a

First Look At Probability-Altering Domino From Deadpool Movie Sequel

After surprising pretty much everyone with the stellar Deadpool movie in 2016, Ryan Reynolds has been happy to tweet out small teasers for the movie’s sequel. Today, he revealed the first official shot of X-Force marksman and Cable love-interest Domino. The