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Watch A Retro Retelling Of Tekken's Story

Fighting games have a bad reputation when it comes to stories. However, as much as some players try to dismiss them, the narratives in this genre can get surprisingly complicated – especially in long-running series like Tekken. In advance of

The Surge Review

Billing itself as a “Hardcore Action RPG,” developer Deck 13 assimilates the difficult and labyrinthine style of games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls, and adds its own unique flavor to deliver a challenging and fun – though a bit disjointed

The Surge Review – A Mechanical Soul

Deck13 Interactive made a name for itself with 2014’s Lords of the Fallen, a punishing action game known for drawing heavy inspiration from Dark Souls. The spirit of the bonfire once again burns in Deck13’s The Surge, but isn’t as

ZeniMax Takes Legal Action Against Samsung In Continuing VR Battle

Earlier this year, a legal battle between ZeniMax and Oculus concluded with the former being awarded $500 million. While the case was complicated, the victory ultimately hinged on Oculus employees’ violation of a non-disclosure agreement relating to ZeniMax’s VR technology.

The Sports Desk – Dissecting The GT Sport Beta

Polyphony Digital is gearing up for the release of GT Sport on PS4 sometime this year, and I was fortunate to play a recent beta of the title, including some multiplayer. I’ve prepared some videos highlighting a few of the

Public Passes To E3 Are Sold Out

Back in February, we learned that public passes would be available for this year’s E3 (at $250 per ticket). This morning, the official E3 Twitter account revealed that those tickets have sold out. Start your countdowns! Fan passes are now

Sega Plans To Revive Old Franchises

The gaming industry has changed a lot since Sega was a household name, but the company may be tapping into its glory days by bringing back series that earned it acclaim over the years.   On page 22 of Sega’s

[Update] PaRappa, Gitaroo Man Creators Launch New Kickstarter

Update: Project Rap Rabbit is more than just a tease now; the creators have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for this quirky rhythm game. The goal is set pretty high (over $1 million), but if funding is successful,

Exclusive Sneak Peek At A Blu-Ray Extra On Resident Evil: The Final Chapter's Weapons

As the sixth installment and final installment of the Paul W.S. Anderson Resident Evil film series, fans have been looking forward to adding Resident Evil: The Final Chapter to their shelves to round out their collection. While it’s already available

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Takes To The Future & The Past

The Lego video games have always relied upon an array of different playable characters, and the newly announced Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 continues this feature with players battling a time-traveling Kang across different eras and realities. The game spans