Daily Archives: 05/14/2017

Celebrate Mother's Day With These Five Video Game Moms

It’s Mother’s Day, which means it’s time to take your mom out for brunch, prepare her breakfast in bed, or rush over to the nearest gas station to buy her a last-minute greeting card/carnation combo. Moms aren’t just a real-world

Grasp Prey's Lore In A Minute With This Video

Prey is the newest title from Arkane, and it takes place on the space station Talos-1, where chaos ensues. Who is Morgan Yu, and what do he and his brother have to do with this story? What are the Typhon? To

MLB The Show 17 Compensates Players With Freebies Following Server Issues

MLB The Show 17 released to mostly positive reviews, but its launch was plagued with problematic online server issues that have continued over the last couple months. To make up for it, developer San Diego Studio recently announced that players

Knuckles Returns To Flying Battery Zone In Newest Sonic Mania Trailer

Sega released a new trailer for the upcoming Sonic Mania, which shows Knuckles making his way through Flying Battery Zone, a reimagined version of the original level from 1994’s Sonic & Knuckles. In the video below, watch as Knuckles uses short