Daily Archives: 05/10/2017

Google Buys Job Simulator Developer Owlchemy Labs

The creators of Job Simulator just got a substantial promotion. Today, Owlchemy Labs announced that it has been purchased by Google in an ongoing effort to promote and expand upon virtual reality. Owlchemy and Google both posted their own announcements

Turn-Based Tactics And Deck-Building Collide On PS4 In Pox Nora

Pox Nora boasts an exciting mix of card collecting and tactics-based combat, and you can try it for free on PS4 later this month. Pox Nora launched on PC back in 2006, and since then the turn-based strategy game has

Strafe Review – Mostly Mediocre Memories

Strafe is a fast-paced, ‘90s throwback shooter that has you running and gunning through procedurally generated levels past hordes of deadly foes. Whether you’re nailing opponents with head shots, sniping off limbs, or turning the entire screen into a slaughter

New Sims Sequel Coming Soon To Mobile

The latest installment of the sim-snooping series tasks you with guiding multiple generations through virtual life. Today EA and Maxis announced a new installment of its vaunted Sims series, appropriately named The Sims Mobile. The iOS and Android title features

Report: BioWare Taking A Break From Mass Effect

A new report from Kotaku suggests that in light of Andromeda’s woes, BioWare won’t be diving straight into the development of the next Mass Effect installment. Kotaku is reporting that it has spoken to four unnamed sources close to BioWare,

RPG Grind Time – The Magic Of The 16-Bit Era

Looking back on my life of playing RPGs, nothing stands out quite like the 16-bit era, especially the SNES library. This period was long after I first touched the genre, but it’s when RPGs really started dominating my gaming habits.

Overwatch's Uprising Event Was Played 145 Million Times

This just in: Overwatch’s latest experiment with co-op was super popular, and Blizzard’s got the infographics to prove it. Over the course of the 145+ million matches that were played during the Uprising, the CPU-driven Null Sector had a 14-percent

Famed Metal Gear Artist Yoji Shinkawa Takes On Call Of Duty

Treyarch has revealed that renowned Metal Gear artist Yoji Shinkawa will be lending his distinctive art style to the upcoming Zombies Chronicles DLC for Black Ops III. Treyarch made the announcement during its Zombies Chronicles livestream, showing off four posters

Konami Bringing Full PES Action To Mobile

Konami has already released the PES Club Manager management/tactics sim, but those looking for a more active gameplay experience on their phone or tablet can try out PES 2017 Mobile when it comes out for free on iOS and Android

Extensive Nielsen Report Shows Where, How, And Why Gamers Are Playing In 2017

Market-research firm Nielsen Games has released its annual Games 360 report, which highlights gaming trends and provides insights on where people are playing, what motivates their purchasing decisions, and much more. And as with most years, the 2017 report has