Daily Archives: 05/07/2017

Reader Discussion – What Do You Think Of Prey So Far?

Arkane’s latest systems-driven game hit stores this past Friday. As I discussed in my review, I dug the game quite a bit even if it does have a few grating issues. What about you, readers? How are things aboard Talos-1?

Artist Boldly Envisions Overwatch Characters As Bowls Filled With Lukewarm Water

Overwatch has a huge, passionate community. Some of those community members express their love for the game with cosplay, others by detailing their match strategies in hour-long YouTube videos. And then there’s artist Lukidjano who drew all of Overwatch’s roster

Nintendo Runs Down Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers' Modes

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is posed to be the Switch’s next major release, coming out on May 26. With just a few weeks to go, Nintendo has given the rundown on the all the modes that will

Overkill's The Walking Dead Shooter Delayed Again

The Walking Dead shooter by the developers of Payday 2 has been pushed once again. The original delay was back in 2016. The Walking Dead has now, according to publisher Starbreeze, been pushed to the latter half of 2018.  You can

Famous Painter Bob Ross Comes To Smite As Character Skin

Bob Ross was a famous artist with a voice who spent a lot of time teaching us how to paint on his television series The Joy Of Painting. Ross’ soothing voice and gentle demeanor have resulted in him becoming something

Resident Evil Code Veronica Coming To PS4 Next Week

Anyone here remember Code Veronica? Strange little game, even by Resident Evil standards. The first Resident Evil not to debut on a Sony platform, Code Veronica followed the Redfields as they once again took on Umbrella, this time on a