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Korean Politician Stars In Political Play Of The Game Ad

South Korean politician and presidential candidate for the Justice Party Sim Sang-jung wants your vote (if you live in South Korea), and she’s not above using memes to get it. Her latest campaign ad is entirely modeled after Overwatch’s “Play

Reader Discussion – What Game Have You Spent The Most Money On?

Blizzard recently broke down the odds of getting rare items in Overwatch’s loot boxes (not out of the kindess of their hearts, mind you: there’s a legal reason for it). Will companies have to be more transparent with their in-game

You Can Get A Life-Sized Bust Of Okami's Amaterasu Next Year For $725

If you still hold a torch for Capcom’s Zelda-like game (no, not those Capcom Zelda games) Okami, you’re in luck. If you also have $725 plus shipping in disposable income lying around, you’re extra in luck! Capcom and First4Figures have

You Can Now Buy The Infamous Wisdom Tree Games On Steam

In the late ’80s and ’90s, a company called Wisdom Tree released several games that were famous for three things: Being overtly religious and trying to teach basic stories from the Bible to kids, being blatant copies of other games,

Watch For Honor's New Shinobi And Centurion Classes In Action

As part of its plans for For Honor’s second season, Ubisoft will be adding two new classes to the medieval fantasy fighting game: The Shinboi and The Centurion. This week, Ubisoft showed off the pair in tandem trailers. The Shinobi

Prey Review – Somewhere Beyond The Stars

Prey begins slowly, in appropriately sedated fashion, as scientist Morgan Yu awakens in an upper-class apartment. There’s a sense of fuzziness there, an inexplicable unease that something is not right. Turns out the feeling isn’t misplaced. After a trippy introduction,

Leaked Images Show Street Fighter V's Newest Character, Ed

After delaying a set of balance changes and third character for its Season 2 DLC plans, and announcing another beta to improve its online infrastructure, Capcom’s been busy with Street Fighter V. Though we’re still waiting for the new online

What To Watch This Weekend: Counter-Strike, Street Fighter V, And Gears of War 4

Every Genre under the sun is having a tournament this weekend, which is a good thing if you like having to toggle among multiple streams at once (am I the only one?). From shooters to fighters to MOBAs to sports,

BIOSTAR TB350-BTC – BIOSTAR’s First AM4 Crypto Mining Motherboard

BIOSTAR introduces its first AM4 crypto mining motherboard – the BIOSTAR TB350-BTC. Source: Vortex Hardware News

Saturday Video Round Up: May 1 – 6

The week is at an end, so to celebrate a brand new edition of the Round Up is here. For those of you new here, the Video Round Up is a weekly event that pulls together all of the best