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Update: Nintendo Shuts Down 2D Zelda Fan Project

Update: Unsurprisingly, the fan-made game that used assets from one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises has been shut down by the company, according to the game’s creator. Developer WinterDrake tweeted an image of a takedown notice (shown below), but says that

The Nine Best Cell Phones In Games

Cell phones. Those little doodads in our pockets that allow us access to a world of information and social media platforms at the press of a touchscreen. Oh, and you can call people on them, too, apparently. As mobile devices

Get Free Cards In Hearthstone To Celebrate 70 Million Players

Over the span of its life, Hearthstone has had 70 million players. That’s a milestone worth celebrating, so Blizzard is doing just that; for the next few weeks, players old and new can log in and get some free cards.

The Sports Desk – Picking The Right NFL Rookies In Madden Ultimate Team

Another NFL draft is in the books, and while teams and fans are (mostly) excited for their picks, we won’t know for a while how these rookies will pan out in real life for a few years. However, players of

Door Not Closed On The Fable Series

The core Fable games are solid RPGs, but Microsoft and developer Lionhead Studios had trouble keeping the series’ momentum. The franchise took bizarre turns into brawling and first-person spellcasting. Today, the most recent Fable title was cancelled and Lionhead has

Reader Discussion – What E3 Announcements Are You Hoping For?

Today is the first day of May, which means E3 is already next month – sure to bring with it a flurry of announcements and general enthusiasm about gaming.  Last year, we got surprises like Sony’s new God of War

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Had The Best Launch In The Series

It may be a port of a previous title, but Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has surpassed its predecessors and sold more copies on launch day than any other game in Mario Kart’s history.  Nintendo made the announcement via press release,

Now Arriving: Games of May 2017

Though we’ve already seen a ton of high profile releases this year, there’s still a bunch to get to this month. So before E3 hits in June and then the summer drought arrives, here’s what you can expect this month.