Daily Archives: 03/19/2017

YouTuber Creates Lego Replica Of Symmetra's Weapon From Overwatch

ZaziNombies, a YouTuber known for creating Lego replicas of video game weapons, has dedicated his latest video to Symmetra from Overwatch. With about 450 Lego pieces, he built her powerful photon projector that Symmetra wields in-game. This Lego version of the

Learn About Nier: Automata's Strange But Fascinating Lore In Just Over A Minute

Lore in a Minute! is a YouTube show that concisely explains the backstories of different games in short one minute videos. Although Nier’s lore can at times be convoluted, this newest installment in the series has a fascinating world and

Uncharted 4 Wins Game Of The Year At SXSW Game Awards

SXSW is an annual music, games, and film festival currently underway, and yesterday it held its fourth iteration of the SXSW video games awards show, which looks back at the past year’s best titles. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was

Prepare For Mass Effect: Andromeda's Release With Our Hub Of Exclusive Content

BioWare’s next installment in the Mass Effect franchise is nearly upon us. Mass Effect: Andromeda is out in just a couple days, and now is a perfect time to look back at our December 2016 cover story content, where we