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On-Disc DLC For Dreamcast Game Unlocked, 17 Years Later

Flogian Bros. was a Sega Dreamcast game developed by Visual Concepts (who currently works on 2K Games’ sports titles) and released in 2001. Sporting an “episode 1” after its title, the game seemed to part of something larger that never

Reader Discussion – What Games Would You Pay To Play Early?

You could be playing Mass Effect: Andromeda right now, you know. Maybe not the whole thing, but if you have EA Access (on Xbox One) or Origin Access (on PC), you could be playing through the first 10 hours of

Respawn Working With Other Developers On Mobile, Korean Free-To-Play Titanfall Games

Titanfall 2, one of the best games of last year, kind of came and went with some disappointing sales. But developer Respawn has kept plugging away at updates for the game, adding maps and tweaking the game since launch. But

Super Mario Run Comes To Android Devices Next Week

After months of letting Android users pre-register to be notified when the game would be available to download, Nintendo has announced Super Mario Run’s Android release date: March 23. As is the case on iOS, the game will be free

Standard Edition Of Persona 5 Comes With A Skin For Your DualShock 4

Atlus is no stranger to special editions, goodies, and bonuses. Persona 5’s limited edition, for example, included a all sorts of fun stuff for fans. But you can’t get one of those now unless you’re willing to pay ridiculous aftermarket

Opinion: Robo Recall Captures Virtual Reality Gaming’s Triumphs And Failures

Robo Recall, a frenzied shooter that has you taking on a city of haywire robots, was announced back in August at Oculus Connect 3. I remember sitting in the front of the stage, relatively bored with everything Oculus had trotted

Overwatch Patch Reworks Lúcio, Adds New Path In Eichenwalde Map

Lúcio has long been the healer of choice for Overwatch players, even as Ana and Mercy have stepped in and out of favor in the competitive and casual scenes. However, while the best Lúcios could pull off some incredible feats, his

What To Watch This Weekend: Hearthstone, Rocket League, And Street Fighter V

Splits, Invitationals, and more collide this weekend! Well, not really. They’re not taking place in the same venue or anything. But they are all happening this weekend and there’s a lot of them, so hunker down and watch something! The

Replay – Driver: San Francisco

Driver is a series that, in some ways, shares a legacy with Grand Theft Auto, but in 2011 it tried something very different, and we liked it a lot. Join us for a look back at the open-world driving game

Weekend Warrior – (Not) Switching It Up

With more Nintendo Switches on the way, plenty left to discover in Horizon Zero Dawn, and Mass Effect’s siren call ringing in our ears, we’re perfectly happy to stay right where we are this St. Patrick’s Day weekend. (There was