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For Honor Review – Battle-Scarred But Victorious

A horn sounds in the distance, signaling that our army is at its breaking point. I look down at the grassy field from the relative safety of a crumbling wall. One of my comrades is clashing with a knight, doing

Hasbro Unveils New Trypticon Action Figure

Hasbro continues to expand on the universe of Transformers Generation Titans Return with a new Titan Class action figure. Voted to be the next toy in the line by fans in 2015, Trypticon will join the Decepticon forces sometime this

Top Of The Table – Bloodborne: The Card Game

Licensed board or card games don’t carry the same stigma as they do in the video game world. In video games, a licensed release has some preconceptions to overcome, thanks to years of lackluster cash-ins. In the tabletop world, some

Sci-Fi MMO Skyforge Launching On PS4 Spring 2017

Developer Allods Team announced today that their Sci-Fi MMORPG Skyforge will be making its PS4 debut later this year. While no specific release date was anounced, a new announcement trailer was released via YouTube, showing off several sections of the

Pokémon Mega Construx Sets Coming To North America

Pokémon fans jealous of Japan’s pocket monster-themed Mega Bloks sets will soon have their own chance to build ’em all with the new Pokémon Mega Construx line. The upcoming block sets will feature Pikachu, Charizard, and other Kanto region critters

Miyamoto And Aonuma On Zelda's Balance Of Fan Feedback

With Game Informer’s March cover story on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we took a deep dive into the mechanics and philosophy behind Link’s next adventure. With today’s video interview, we wanted to zoom out a bit

Dirt Rally's VR Update Out Now

PlayStation VR is getting a new heavy-hitter with today’s release of a VR upgrade for Dirt Rally. This DLC allows players to enjoy the entirety of Codemasters’s critically-acclaimed rally racing simulator in virtual reality. While the base game has yet

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Title Confirmed Plural By International Sources

Since Star Wars Episode VIII‘s subtitle, The Last Jedi, was revealed a few weeks ago, fans have been wondering whether or not The Last Jedi was referring to a single Jedi, or multiple Jedi. Thanks to international versions of the

New Mass Effect: Andromeda Video Takes A Deep Dive Into Combat

BioWare released a gameplay-centric combat-focused video today, so if you’ve been waiting and wondering just how things will play out in the thick of battle, here’s your chance for a look. While many trailers and videos up to now have

Dawn of War III Highlights Faction Conflict With New Trailer

With an expected 2017 launch, Dawn of War III continues to offer glimpses into the upcoming battle between Orks, Eldar, and Space Marines. Check out the latest trailer below for a look at faction leaders and a peek at what’s