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New Sea Of Thieves Footage Shows Off Gun Combat And Skeleton Fights

Sea of Thieves is planned for release this year, and Rare is putting the game through rigorous testing with alpha testers and it has new footage to share of that process. In the latest video you will see gunplay, skeleton

Cities: Skylines Coming To Xbox One This Spring

2015’s Cities: Skylines successfully filled the void left by the disastrous release of 2013’s SimCity reboot. Nearly every mistake made by SimCity was rectified by Cities, from the always-online requirement to the stifling size limitations and everything in between. Simply

See Kidrobot's Entire Street Fighter V Blind Box Figures Line

When Street Fighter V released in February 2016, it was viewed as disappointing thanks to its lack of content at launch and technical problems. Fast forward one year and the game has improved thanks to Capcom’s continued content updates. Because

Gore Verbinski Discusses Cancelled BioShock Movie

Gore Verbinski, director of The Ring, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the upcming A Cure For Wellness, is known for his stunning visual style and strange, immersive worlds. Fans of the BioShock game were thrilled when Verbinski was chosen to

Payday 3 Is In Development, But Don't Expect To See It Soon

In a recent financial report, Payday publisher/developer Starbreeze Studios revealed that a third Payday is currently in development, but it will be done when it is done and it currently has no release window. The report comes from GamesIndustry.biz which

Nine Zelda Tropes You Won't Find In Breath Of The Wild

Since The Legend of Zelda franchises first explored 3D with Ocarina of Time, the franchise has featured a number of staples that fans have come to expect from the series. Breath of the Wild aims to shake up these expectations.

PewDiePie Responds Directly To Recent Controversy In New Video

YouTube superstar PewDiePie’s ties to Disney were recently severed following the posting of a video where he paid $5 to two men to hold up a sign with anti-semetic words written on it. As a result, Disney, which owns Maker

PSA: Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta Starts Next Week

Anyone who missed the chance to participate in the Ghost Recon Wildlands closed beta will still be able to try their hand at being a Ghost in the upcoming open beta. Running from February 23-27 (pre-loading available on February 21),

Rare N64 RPG Ogre Battle 64 Available Now On Wii U Virtual Console

Classic Atlus tactical RPG Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Calibur released today via Nintendo’s Virtual Console platform on Wii U. The game costs $9.99, and has been previously released though Virtual Console for the Wii. Ogre Battle 64 is

Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (February 16, 2017)

Another week full of blogs – and great ones to boot! It seems with the impending release of a new Zelda game, we all have Link and company on the brain. Community Blogs For February 9 – February 15: Everything