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EA Punishes Madden NFL Champion For 'Inappropriate' Social Media Conduct

After defeating all comers at the recent Madden Bowl 2017 tournament finals, Chris “Dubby” McFarland had a $75,000 paycheck under his belt. But after a string of “inappropriate” conduct on social media, EA has docked McFarland’s payout and lowered his

Reader Discussion – What's Your Favorite Side Quest?

Earlier this week we ran a feature about how developers create side quests, those delicious extra bits of story or gameplay we love to revel in. Side quests can make a game’s world feel more lived-in, let you learn more

Resident Evil CG Film Vendetta Out This Summer

Announced last year, The Resident Evil: Vendetta CG film has a somewhat murky release date in the US. Summer 2017. The CG film, which sees series protagonists Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield join forces in order to stop a Glenn Arias,

Evil Geniuses CEO Peter Dager On Playing For, Building, And Managing An eSports Team

In this month’s issue of Game Informer we dove into the world of eSports, detailing how players, teams, and sponsors work with each other to make sure people who excel at games like Street Fighter, Halo, and more can make

Splatoon 2 Will Have Spectator, Offline Tournament Modes

Splatoon 2 debuted during the Nintendo Switch’s first trailer, with a scene of several players sitting near each other and playing a competitive match. Today, Nintendo announced two features that should help make the Splatoon 2 tournaments in that scenario

What To Watch This Weekend: Call Of Duty, Smite, And Hearthstone

You may be wracked with guilt over what to get your valentine this weekend before Tuesday rolls around, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some of the edge off by watching some eSports! There’s a lot of good stuff

Saturday Video Round Up: February 5 – 11

Welcome back to another brand new edition of the Saturday Video Round Up! For those of you new here, this is the weekly series bringing you the best trailers and gameplay videos from around the gaming industry. Here’s a small

Mini-Doc Trailer For Marvel's Infinity War Film Features Avengers, Guardians, And Spider-Man

Marvel has dropped a new trailer for their upcoming Infinity War film, detailing some minor (non-spoilery) overarching plot themes, showing off some production and concept art, and putting Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Pratt in the same room. The trailer

Replay – Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV and all of its story-based expansions are now available on Xbox One through backwards compatibility. If you haven’t played through this open-world classic yet, this episode of Replay gives you a nice primer of what to

Weekend Warrior – Working Through The Backlog

With weather still hovering near freezing, this weekend seems like the perfect time to catch up on games before Horizon kicks off an unusually busy Spring season. Some of us are even digging a little deeper into our backlogs, with