Daily Archives: 02/10/2017

More Roadhog, Winston Tweaks Coming To Overwatch

Roadhog was recently tweaked, addressing the Overwatch character’s hook to make it less of a magical tool that could yank enemies through walls. Blizzard is preparing another round of changes to the big guy, as well as something that’s bound

Lego Batman Movie Story Pack Hits Lego Dimensions Today

The Lego Batman Movie is in theaters today, and Lego Dimensions has a new story pack timed to its release. The Lego Batman Movie story pack features Batman and Robin minifigs and a Batwing, which can be transformed into two

Make The Last Guardian's Trico Out Of Legos

An impressive 12-inch version of The Last Guardian’s bird-cat beast just went up on Lego Ideas website. Is there a chance that we’ll be building our own versions of the creature from Team Ico’s recent masterpiece anytime soon? Lego Ideas

Reader Discussion – What Do You Think Of Call Of Duty Returning To Its Roots?

Earlier today, during an earnings call, Activision revealed that the Call of Duty series would return to “traditional combat.” Despite leading November’s NPD sales charts, Activision seems unhappy with Infinite Warfare’s performance. Sledgehammer Games is the next studio lined up