Daily Archives: 02/05/2017

Smooth McGroove Sings A Capella Rendition Of Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Smooth McGroove is a well-known YouTube singer who creates elaborate a capella renditions of popular video game tunes. Recently he posted a new video, tackling the Lake Hylia Theme Song from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The original instrumental song

YouTuber Creates Lego Replica Of Lucio's Sonic Amplifier From Overwatch

ZaziNombies, a YouTuber known for his Lego creations based off popular video games, has devoted his latest replica to Overwatch. In his new video, he shows off a Lego recreation of Lucio’s weapon from Overwatch. In Overwatch, Lucio blasts enemies

Fan-Made Witcher Short Film Features Official Geralt Cosplayer

Ben Schamma, a cosplayer better known under the name Maul Cosplay, is featured in this recent fan-made short film dedicated to The Witcher series. Schamma takes the role of Geralt, and this isn’t his first time cosplaying as the fearsome

Katana Zero Is A Unique Neo Noir Platformer Coming Later This Year

Playing as a Samurai-like assassin, Katana Zero is a stylish platformer that channels the likes of Hotline Miami. It features a neo noir and ’80s aesthetic through its pixelated graphics, and is supported by bloody and fast combat. You slash,

Never Played Shenmue II? Watch Us Play The First 15 Hours

Last year, over the course of four months, we played through Shenmue for the Dreamcast in its entirety. It was an experimental video series, with an undefined schedule that allowed us to take in all the feedback for each episode