Daily Archives: 01/28/2017

Reader Discussion – What Square Series Would You Like To See As An Avengers Game?

The recent news that Square Enix and Marvel are partnering up to produce an Avengers game (among other projects) raises a number of questions: Does this mean the Avengers will be a part Kingdom Hearts III? Will Final Fantasy XV

Ninja Theory-Developed Shooter Dexed Coming To PlayStation VR Next Week

Released last year on PC, Dexed offers Rift and Vive owners a Panzer Dragoon-style shooter, allowing you to tag enemies before firing upon them, and target enemies based on their elemental weakness. Next week, PlayStation VR owners will get to

See Who The Fire Emblem Heroes Are In Two New Trailers

The recently announced Fire Emblem: Heroes brings the series to mobile for the first time. Rather than focus on creating a new world and characters to dig into, Heroes works as a crossover game, bringing together heroes from across several

What To Watch This Weekend: Pax South, Frosty Faustings IX, And Counter-Strike:Global Offensive

It’s the end of the month, which means… wait, what does it mean, other than it’s almost February? Regardless of what time of the month it is, we’ve got some major things going on in a number of big eSports.

Replay – Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

With the announcement of Marvel and Square Enix partnering for an Avengers game earlier this week, we decided to take a look at some Marvel games – some better known than others. Joe Juba joins me, and office comic book

Weekend Warrior – The Terror Of Days Off

Some people like to enjoy their days off; we like to scare ourselves silly. Resident Evil 7 and Yakuza 0 are on our playlists for the weekend. What will you be playing, watching, reading, and otherwise doing this weekend? Let

Urban Empire Review

There’s a case to be made that Urban Empire is a perfect city sim for our times. Many traditional city sims grant us autocratic control, and the whims and wants of the populace largely remain abstractions and jumbles of figures.

Michel Ancel Posts Picture Of Wild, Promises More Spoiler-Free Screens Soon

Michel Ancel, creator of Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil, has been hard at work on his next game, Wild. Or at least, that’s what we assume he has been doing. We haven’t heard from the game in awhile, but