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Story Of Seasons: Trio Of Towns Releasing On February 28

The farming simulator formerly known as Harvest Moon in the West continues under the name Story of Seasons, and the latest installment is nearly upon us. Today, publisher Xseed Games announced that Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns for 3DS

Our 10 Most Anticipated RPGs Of 2017

Now that a new year is in full swing, it’s always exciting to get an idea of how you’ll spend it as a gamer. 2017 is full of promising titles, so much so we’ve been breaking them down by genre

The Top 10 Games On PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 got off to a slow start, but an influx of exclusives and improved remasters have been building up a respectable library for the system. In this continually updated feature, we break down the top 10 games every

Under $5 PlayStation Flash Sale Is On Now

If you like bargains and have hardware in Sony’s family of consoles, you should check out the current Flash Sale (running now through 8:00am PT, 1/23). The titles on sale as part of the promotion are under $5, but they

Our Most Anticipated Tabletop Games Of 2017

2016 was a great year for board, card, miniature, and role-playing games. Look no further than my recent column on the best releases of  last year, all of which were in tight contention with dozens of other worthy projects that

See The New Trailer For Snipperclips On Nintendo Switch

Snipperclips is a clever, colorful puzzle game that involves working with other players to change your characters’ shapes and overcome obstacles. The title is slated for the Nintendo Switch launch lineup, and the company is giving us another look thanks

12 Years Later, Resident Evil 4 Remains The Most Important Third-Person Shooter Ever

You stumble into the village at dusk. The man who drove you here is literally burning at the center of town, tied to a stake. The villagers, something’s not right with them. Their eyes have gone weird. They wield scythes

Retro First-Person Shooter Strafe Blasts Onto PC On March 28

Developer Pixel Titans released an amusing trailer today that unveiled the release date for the goretastic retro shooter Strafe. Like most of the trailers for the game, it’s more of a goofy thing than something that actually shows off gameplay.

Lose Your Mind (By Proxy) In This New Call Of Cthulhu Trailer

Insanity is a common thread throughout H.P. Lovecraft’s fiction, and it’s one that carries into Cyanide Studio’s upcoming Call of Cthulhu game. Take a look at a new trailer for the game, which shows private detective Edward Pierce and his

Developer Of Inside And Limbo Teases New Game

Playdead, the studio behind 2016’s Inside and 2010’s Limbo, has revealed that it is moving on to a new project in the wake of Inside’s success. The announcement came over Twitter, but beyond a screenshot, Playdead hasn’t revealed any specifics.