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Reader Discussion – How Do You Feel About The Switch?

Okay, so we have a better picture of what the Switch will end up being. We know the basics. We have a good idea of what Nintendo’s first-year lineup for the console looks like. Here at Game Informer, we’ve talked

Arc System Works Developing Guilty Gear Update For Arcades, Two Games For Switch

Announced at this year’s Arc System Works Fighting Game Award event, Guilty Gear: Xrd’s “Rev 2” (Revelator 2) update should give fans of the series something to get excited for in 2017. The update will add two new characters, Answer

Capcom Talks Ultra Street Fighter II's New Characters, Gameplay On Nintendo Treehouse Stream

Unveiled at this week’s Nintendo Switch event in New York, Ultra Street Fighter II will bring the most iconic fighting game ever made to Switch. But a lot of that legacy has to do with its place in history, and it’s

More Concept Art, Holographic Signs Emerge For Canceled Star Wars Darth Maul Game

Back in 2014, Game Informer unearthed the story of a canceled Darth Maul game from Red Fly Stuido (now Gaming Corp Austin), including early prototype footage, art, and concepts. The game was set to be a bloodier, darker approach on

Nintendo Will Not Bring Miiverse, Streetpass To Switch

Add one more thing to what we know about the Nintendo Switch: It won’t have Miiverse or Streetpass support. Speaking with GamesBeat at yesterday’s Switch event in New York, David Young, assistant manager of public relations for Nintendo of America, confirmed

Bandai Namco To Bring Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Tales Series, More To Switch

Amidst the numerous announcements of games coming to Switch, Bandai Namco announced it will be bringing a number of previously-announced and new titles to Nintendo’s new console. First, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will be coming to Switch. Though the anime fighting game

What To Watch This Weekend: Games Done Quick, Counter-Strike, And Street Fighter II

This may be the last week we have before games start hitting on the regular. Next week we have a bevy of new releases, and the release calendar doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down for a while. In the

Eight Reasons The Switch Is Getting The Best Version Of Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 was one of the best kart racers in years, and soon Switch owners will be able to play it on the go as well as on their TV. After giving this update a couple laps around our

Are The Nintendo Switch Controllers Comfortable?

We’ve spent the day in New York playing the Nintendo Switch and are eager to talk about it. In this video, the Game Informer editors went hands-on with Nintendo’s new system to show off and discuss everything about the myriad control

Going Hands-On With Switch Answered Our Five Biggest Questions

Nintendo never aims for normal. The Xbox One and PS4 already out power the Switch, and the console hasn’t even released. However, Nintendo isn’t interested in releasing the most powerful console; it wants a console that does something different. The