Daily Archives: 01/08/2017

Mod Brings Multiplayer To Just Cause 3's Chaotic Open World

Just Cause 3 is best known for giving players the ability to rambunctiously cause havoc and destruction in its large sandbox world. Now, thanks to a multiplayer mod that recently released, you can go on a rampage with a group

Script For Upcoming Uncharted Movie Is Complete

The Uncharted film has been in development for years. While it was in limbo for a long period of time, it seems the project is moving forward as writer Joe Carnahan confirms on Instagram that the script for the movie

Afterwords – Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 improves on much of what the first game lacked, with a vibrant new setting of San Francisco and a more interesting protagonist named Marcus Holloway. We spoke to senior producer Dominic Guay of Ubisoft about the ups