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Reader Discussion – What's Your Favorite Video Game Music Cover?

Earlier today we posted an analog synth rendition of the original Metroid’s soundtrack. Since then, I’ve had at on in the background while working. I think this cover lets some of the mood and and loneliness from that game sink

Steam Reaches 14 Million Concurrent User Milestone

For the first time in its 13-year history, over 14 million people were on Steam at the same time, marking a new all-time high for the service. The new peak happened at around noon today, when 14,207,039 people were all online

Listen To The Original Metroid's Soundtrack Recreated With Analog Synths

Retro covers of classic game soundtracks are nothing new. Often, however, they remake the game’s sound in their own image, whether it’s a rock version of the Super Mario Bros. theme or fusing hip-hop and The Ocarina of Time. These

Play Your Favorite Old Handheld Games On The Super Retro Boy

Although Nintendo has been doing a decent job of putting its old games up on its Virtual Console, it still has nothing on the burgeoning retro games market, which has been creating “faux-retro” consoles that run older games through a

The 2016 RPG Of The Year Awards

The RPG genre is among the most time-intensive in all of gaming. If players are expected to spend 40-plus hours with these titles, it is especially important that RPGs draw players in with compelling worlds, stories, and mechanics. Last year

What To Watch This Weekend: Games Done Quick, Overwatch, And Street Fighter III: Third Strike

Back from holiday break, finally? Ready to back into the swing of things in work, school, or play? Good. You’re going to need to be to take on the year. To help ease you into it, there’s quite a lot

Replay – Tales Of Vesperia

We recently took a look at Legend of Dragoon, one of my all-time favorite RPGs. That off-the-wall pick for Replay was received well, so I figured we would dive into the RPG well again with another Reiner-certified pick. Tales of

Weekend Warrior – Winter Blues

Forget going outside. The only reason to go outside is if you’re using your backyard as an extra-large freezer. Take our advice and stay inside and play some games. Leave your weekend plans in the comments below. Brian Shea (@BrianPShea)

Five Strange Examples Of German Censorship In Video Games

Germany is the largest video game market in Europe, so a lot of publishers are eager to get their games into German stores, but that’s not always as easy as translating a script. Video game censorship in Germany is no