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Five Narrative Directions For The Last Of Us Part II

Warning: Major spoilers for The Last of Us and the Left Behind DLC. The Last of Us is a well-crafted adventure that many believe doesn’t need a sequel. Could a continuation of this narrative diminish the impact of the original’s

The Games Andrew Reiner Finished In 2016

Something remarkable happened in 2016: My four-year-old daughter became engrossed in console games. Thanks to her growing interesting in my favorite entertainment medium, I saw a number games through to the end that I normally wouldn’t have, but I’m glad

Here Are The Winners Of The First Ever Steam Awards

Valve’s first ever Steam Awards runs from December 22 to January 2. The winners, which were voted on by users, were announced yesterday. Rather than looking at 2016’s best games, the Steam Awards encompasses games from the last several years.

Reader Discussion: What Is Your Most Anticipated Game Of 2017?

2016 brought us several quality games, including titles that were long-awaited for fans such as Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian. Overwatch was one of the biggest hits of the year, and Uncharted 4 gave us a satisfying end

Video Game Trends That Haven't Gone Away

With 2016 officially gone and 2017 upon us, it’s natural to look at where we are and what got us here. The past is prologue as they say, and that applies to video games. Taking a look back at some