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Reader Discussion: Titanfall 2 Or Battlefield 1?

The two games take place in very different time periods, and universes, but they are both shooters. Which one will you be playing? One has giant mechs and takes place in a future science fiction world. One is a (somewhat)

The Idiot’s Guide To Battlefield 1

Battlefield is a complex first-person multiplayer shooter that demands coordination and teamwork to find success. But that doesn’t stop legions of idiots from running and gunning like Rambo impersonators in search of a glorious kill-death ratio and little else. Consider

Destiny Players Pay Tribute To Michael Jackson With Huge Choreographed Dance Display

Destiny group Husky Raid Guys recently released an impressive coordinated video with a handful of guardians using their guns for dance instead of violence. The video plays out like a tribute to Michael Jackson featuring songs like “Thriller,” “The Way

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gives You Lots Of Options For Dancing Like An Idiot

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is full of specific references to the show and movies in all sorts of different ways. Among the best of its callouts are its many animations, which you can pull up while in the game’s lobby.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI Review

Every game in the legendary, 25-year-old Sid Meier’s Civilization 4X strategy series puts a new spin on the grand concept of taking a nation from a single nomadic tribe to a world-dominating superpower, one turn at a time. In that

RPG Grind Time – Five RPGs You May Have Missed This Year

It’s hard to believe we’re heading into the final two months of the year, but here we are with the final RPG releases for 2016 trickling out. World of Final Fantasy just launched this week, which I need to spend

Licensed Third-Party Pro Controllers Coming To PlayStation 4

Despite Mark Cerny, lead system architect of the PS4, stating Sony won’t be selling a pro controller, the PS4 is getting two licensed third-party pro controllers. Razer and Nacon are both developing elite PS4 controllers set to be released this

Creators Update Bringing Better Broadcasting, Audio Improvements, And Tournaments To Windows 10 Gaming

The Creators Update, which adds a number of new features to Windows 10, is coming this spring, and with it come a few goodies for Windows gaming. Game broadcasting is getting a big improvement with the inclusion of Beam. Beam

Fractured But Whole's Developers Share Their Favorite Episodes Of South Park

Ubisoft San Francisco is currently steeped in all things South Park, and as a result they’ve been watching the show – a lot. While at the studio for our cover story, we gathered up their favorite episodes. Nicholas Bonardi –

Lost In Shadow Coming To Wii U eShop

A third-party Wii exclusive will be downloadable on the Wii U starting tomorrow. This latest addition to the eShop follows a boy who has been separated from his shadow, so he must journey to figure out how to get it