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Star Wars Episode VIII Will Answer A Big Question

One of the biggest mysteries introduced in The Force Awakens is the identity of Rey’s parents. While there is plenty of speculation about who they might be (including our theories), we still don’t have a definitive answer. That’s going to change

Test Chamber – See Why Civilization VI Lives Up To The Legacy

Civilization has been around for a long time. Okay, yes, that’s obvious. But I mean Sid Meier’s historical strategy game series that began in 1991. The latest entry, Civilization VI, stays true to the franchise’s roots but makes some important

New Releases This Week: October 24 Through October 30

As we draw closer to the holiday season, more and more high-quality games are releasing. However, there are also plenty of niche offerings for games who prefer to veer away from the mainstream. This week provides a solid mix of

You'll Never Get This Coin In Super Mario 64

Some completionists are going to be very sad today when they find out that some things are just out of reach. UncommentatedPannen’s obsession with Super Mario 64 has unearthed a coin that spawns in just the wrong way to make

Downed Battlefield 1 Zeppelin Turns Into Fire Tornado

Though Battlefield 1 sets out to put players in the midst of World War I, developer DICE probably didn’t intend for this Zeppelin to hit a singularity during its fateful fall towards Earth. Either this is some exposé of the

Test Chamber – Why The Free-To-Play Plants Vs. Zombies: Heroes Is Worth A Look

Ever since the original Plants vs. Zombies game launched in 2009, the series has expanded far beyond its humble tower defense roots. The Garden Warfare series took the franchise to the third-person shooter genre, and now Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes

The Sports Desk – Sports Games & The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo recently announced more details about its next major platform, the Nintendo Switch (formerly known as the NX). Excitement is higher than usual for your average console – being able to seamlessly play high-quality games at home or away is

Get Ready For Our 25-Hour Extra Life Streaming Extravaganza!

Autumn is a special time for the gaming community, where an event known as Extra Life brings together gamers everywhere to raise money for children’s hospitals. This year Game Informer will be live streaming dozens of fun games for 25

The Division's Latest Update Releases Tomorrow, See The Full Patch Notes

Version 1.4 of The Division is nearly upon us. Ubisoft already revealed some big changes planned for the latest update, but with the impending release, now players can get a full list of the alterations in store. This update is

Beyond Brown Notes – The Sounds Of South Park

The children of South Park have changed their game for The Fractured But Whole, and the soundtrack has changed along with it. Whereas Stick of Truth looked to games like Skyrim and the soundtracks of the Lord of the Rings