Daily Archives: 10/23/2016

Reader Discussion – Do You Enjoy Metafictional Video Games?

I’ve always enjoyed thought-provoking games. SOMA endeared me with its themes of existentialism, and The Stanley Parable astonished me and made me laugh with its commentary on game design and choice. But I came to realize that I didn’t just

Watch This Destiny Player Solo Kill Rise Of Iron Raid Boss

Many have tried and failed to accomplish this on their own, but yesterday Destiny player and YouTuber called ScaRdrow singlehandedly defeated the final boss, Aksis, in Destiny: Rise of Iron’s Wrath of the Machine raid. ScaRdrow accomplished this feat with

Pre-Orders Are Open For This Statue Of Dark Souls' Sif The Great Grey Wolf

If you’re a fan of the Dark Souls series, you may be interested in this upcoming statue from First 4 Figures featuring Sif the Great Grey Wolf. Sif is a boss you meet in the Darkroot Garden, who protects the

Shuhei Yoshida Announces That The Last Guardian Has Gone Gold

It’s suffice to say that we have been waiting a long time for The Last Guardian. Now, Sony President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has unveiled on Twitter that the project has gone gold, meaning that its development has wrapped up. I’ve waited

Acrobatic 2D Shooter Seraph Hits PlayStation 4 In November

Dreadbit’s Seraph, a shooter/platformer hybrid that released for PC on Steam earlier this year, is making its way to PlayStation 4 on November 1. You play as an angel called Seraph, who aims to recover her lost power and escape