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Learn The Nuances of BioShock's Fort Frolic In Latest Game Maker's Toolkit Video

On the first half of our BioShock Game Club discussion, we spent quite a while discussing Fort Frolic, one of the game’s most memorable, creepy, and outstanding areas. If you were to ask most people what area they remember most fondly,

Reader Discussion – Have You Ever Modded A Console?

With the recent settlement between Sony and fans upset about the removal of the “Other OS” feature from their original-model PlayStation 3s, we thought we’d ask you a related question: have you ever decided to tinker with your console or

Watch Fallout Characters Reenact Rick & Morty Episodes

With Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland having founded his own VR studio, someone’s going to have to populate the internet with Rick and Morty content while we wait for the next season of the show. Enter UpIsNotDown, a Youtube channel

Iam8bit And Capcom Team Up For Resident Evil 7-Themed Escape Room

Escape rooms have become a fairly popular way for groups of people to get to together, test their mettle against difficult puzzles, and bond with each other. With Resident Evil 7 due to release next year, Capcom and video game

Puzzle Quest, Matt Hazard, and Silent Hill Downpour Join Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

Anyone looking to play Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, the well-received RPG puzzle game from  2007, on their Xbox One can now do so via this week’s backwards compatibility update. The news was announced on Major Nelson’s Twitter feed.

U.S. Residents Who Bought A First-Model PlayStation 3 May Be Able To Claim Settlement

When the original model of the PlayStation 3 launched, it featured an “Other OS” option, which let users install other operating systems like Linux on the console. This would let users turn their PlayStation 3 into a home computer capable

Titanfall Developers Explain Their Story Process In New Trailer

Earlier this week we got a glimpse of Titanfall 2’s single-player gameplay in trailer form.  Now we get the other side of the single-player: the actual plot of the campaign. Speaking to how they developed the plot, several Respawn developers

What To Watch This Weekend: Southern California, Hearthstone, And Rocket League

If you’re the kind of player who likes to dedicate themselves to a single game, this has to be the most tempting time of the year. There are a number of new releases vying for your attention (Gears of War

Replay – The Silver Case

On Replay, we usually take a look at games that were released years ago. This week, we’re doing something a bit different: although The Silver Case was released in Japan in 1999, it’s only now become available in English via

Skylanders Imaginators Review

This year’s Skylanders sometimes feels like a casino: it’s exciting to look at, easy to consume, obnoxiously loud, and certainly wants to take your money with an excess of microtransactions that kids could easily accidentally click on. But with the