Daily Archives: 10/13/2016

Trailer Reveals Dragon Ball Super Character For Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Super began airing in Japan last year and has not yet been localized for North America. But that’s not stopping Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 from featuring one of the show’s characters. I don’t know much about Goku Black

NPD: The Xbox One Continues Its Streak As The Best-Selling Console

According to Microsoft, the Xbox One has been the best-selling console three months in a row. The NPD numbers are not yet public, but Microsoft has issued a statement celebrating its three month streak on top. According to the statement,

GI Show – Reliving 25 Years Of Game Informer History

Back in the fall of 1991, a video game retail store called Funcoland tapped the talents of an employee named Andy McNamara and Game Informer magazine was formed. On the magazine’s 25th anniversary, we want to take a full walk

The Three Major VR Headsets Are All Available – What’s The Current State Of The Platform?

Today marks the release of PlayStation VR, the final major release for this new generation of virtual reality. Kyle Hilliard and I have been playing games on that device in the past few weeks, as well as on the Oculus Rift,

Aerocool's "Project 7 – Chassis 1" with LED Illumination and Tempered Glass Now Available

Aerocool outs its latest chassis with LED illumination and optional tempered glass window, the Project 7 – Chassis 1 (P7-C1). Source: Vortex Hardware News

Japanese Assassin's Creed Manga Getting English Localization

Titan Comics has revealed some of the interior art for the upcoming manga mini-series Assassin’s Creed: Awakening. Awakening centers on Edward Kenway, who starred in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. The series is written by Yano Takashi and drawn by Oiwa

Reader Discussion: Did You Buy PlayStation VR?

PlayStation VR is out today! It’s the most accessible of all the virtual reality headsets currently available, and the cheapest (but still very expensive). Did you get one? We won’t know how it sold for some time, nor do we

Kickstarter Project Aims To Finally Release Lost SNES Clinton Cat Game

If there’s one political question that’s sweeping the nation right now, it’s, “When can we play Socks the Cat, the lost Super Nintendo platformer based on Bill and Hillary Clinton’s cat?” If this Kickstarter hits its $30,000 goal, that question

Dark Souls III's Latest Ashes Of Ariandel DLC Trailer Shows Off Undead Matches

Dark Souls III’s first injection of DLC, arriving October 25, has a new trailer that shows off the new multiplayer content. Ashes of Ariandel will be $14.99 and will include Undead Matches, which allows the game’s assorted factions to do

Kirby: Canvas Curse And Animal Crossing: Wild World Available Now On Wii U Virtual Console

The Wii U is got two well-received DS games on the Virtual Console today. Kirby: Canvas Curse is the main draw of today’s update. Turned into a ball by a witch, Kirby must navigate the world using a rainbow colored