Daily Archives: 10/09/2016

Did You Know Gaming Points Out Interesting Facts About Banjo-Kazooie

Did You Know Gaming‘s newest segment gives an informative overview of the Banjo-Kazooie franchise, pointing out interesting facts and tidbits from the series.  The video below looks at development and the origins of the series. Banjo-Kazooie began first as an

Lone Echo Is A VR Game In Space From The Creators Of The Order: 1886

At this year’s Oculus Connect 3, fellow editor Javy Gwaltney got a chance to check out the upcoming Oculus Rift game Lone Echo, which thoroughly impressed him. Taking place in outer space, you experience zero-g first hand with the Oculus

Reader Discussion: Are You Picking Up PlayStation VR Next Week?

As of next week, PlayStation VR is hitting the retail market. We’ve published our review of the headset, where we noted issues such as peripheral vision not being entirely obscured and low screen resolution, but we felt that it was

Wasteland 3 Reaches Funding Goal On Fig In Just Three Days

Three days after Wasteland 3’s Fig crowdfunding campaign began, it has reached its goal of $2.75 million. While much of that comes from investments, more than $600,000 is from backer pledges.  This post-apocalyptic RPG is the next entry in the series

Zelda Fans Discover A Strange New Way To Defeat Windwaker Boss

Kalle Demos, a boss in Legend of Zelda: Windwaker that lurks in the Forbidden Woods, can normally be defeated with a mix of Link’s sword and boomerang. A couple of Zelda fans, however, have discovered an entirely new and weird

ASUS ROG G752VS and G752VM Gaming Notebooks Now Oculus Ready

Oculus has certified the ASUS ROG G752VS and G752VM gaming notebooks to be Oculus VR ready. Source: Vortex Hardware News

Watch Danny Rand Punch Through Walls In Trailer For Netflix's Iron Fist

At New York Comic-Con, Marvel unveiled the first real look at its next superhero Netflix series, Iron Fist. The show, which premieres in March of next year, stars Finn Jones as Danny Rand.  After being presumed dead for fifteen years, Rand