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Two Lizard Squad Members Charged For Role In Holiday DDoS Attacks, Attack-For-Hire Sites

By now, you’ve probably heard of Lizard Squad, especially if you were a casualty in the DDoS attacks on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in 2014. Since then, Finland convicted Julius Kivimaki of over 50,000 counts of cyber-crime, including harassment, fraud,

Official Trailer For Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle Appears

It was a surprise to see footage from a new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game emerge from New York Comic-Con yesterday ahead of any official announcement from publisher Bandai Namco. Now that it’s official, Bandai Namco released an official trailer,

The Tomorrow Children Review

It’s hard to imagine how the conversation went at the initial pitch meeting for The Tomorrow Children: “It’s a dystopian world where a girl—well, a clone—and her friends chop up resources, rescue Russian dolls, and rebuild the populations and towns

Tales Of Berseria Gets A Release Date And An Amazing Collector's Edition

Tales fans, rejoice! A Tales of Berseria release date for North America has finally been unveiled. Tales of Berseria launches on January 24 for PlayStation 4. The game features the first Tales female protagonist to receive top billing. Previously, Tales

Watch The Latest Trailer For Resident Evil: Final Chapter

A new trailer for the sixth Resident Evil movie called Resident Evil: Final Chapter launched today. This is supposed to be the final installment in The Resident Evil movie franchise. The finale is slated to release in January 2017, and stars Milla

Get Your First Look At New Mobile Game DC Legends

Recently, Warner Bros. announced a new mobile title based off DC Comics called DC Legends. To show off the free-to-play strategy/RPG, a trailer also debuted with the reveal.  The footage, which you can see, below features iconic heroes, such as

Funny To A Point – Modern Box Art Sucks: An Investigation

Nowadays, most video game box art only delivers on half of its promise – it does indeed appear on a box containing a video game, but the nearly photo-realistic images of stoic characters holding guns hardly qualify as art. However,

Justice League Behind The Scenes Footage Revealed

Seems like it’s not all dark atmosphere and grimaces on the Justice League set. Apparently, today was the last day of filming, and to celebrate Zack Snyder released a sizzle reel of some of the antics on set. While these

Test Chamber – Smash+Grab's Competitive Looting

Smash+Grab’s looting is a bit different from what we’ve come to expect from video games. Instead of finding treasure in a chest, you loot the more traditional way: beating the crap out of windows and stealing the money inside stores.

You Can Watch The Second Episode Of Westworld Now

Westworld, a new HBO series based off Michael Crichton’s 1973 film of the same name, got off to a great start with its debut last week. With such high anticipation from its new fans, a surprise announcement about the next