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Watch Early Gameplay For Psychonauts 2 In This Prototype

The anticipated Psychonauts 2 won’t be releasing for some time yet, but in the meantime, Tim Schafer and crew at Double Fine have unveiled gameplay from an early prototype of the game. In the video below, we see Tim Schafer

GI Show – Gears 4, Paper Mario Debate, BioShock Game Club

It’s another week here at Game Informer, and we have a mountain of exciting things to talk about. First off, Ben Hanson is joined by Ben Reeves and Kyle Hilliard to unload a ton of new, exclusive information on our

BioWare's Jade Empire Is Available On The iOS App Store Today

The martial art-themed and ancient China influenced RPG from BioWare, Jade Empire, originally released in 2005. Today, the special edition of the title is available for $9.99 on iPhone and iPad via the App Store. (Please visit the site to

Rumor: A Power Rangers Game Is Coming Soon

It seems a new Power Rangers game is coming in January. According to GameSpot, Bandai Namco brought a demo of the game called Power Rangers: Mega Battle to their booth at the New York Comic-Con, where they’re letting players try

EVE: Valkyrie's PSVR Launch Trailer Features Intense Space Battles

EVE: Valkyrie is heading to PlayStation’s virtual reality headset on October 13, and in preparation of its PSVR debut, a new launch trailer is out. The game was a launch title for the Oculus Rift and features the voice talents

The Games of October, Now In Video Form!

Small post this week I’m afraid. Small, but no less important! For a while now, I’ve had an idea in the back of my brain to take the monthly “Now Arriving” feature that I do and turn it into a

Mafia III On PC Locked At 30 FPS, Support For Higher Frame Rates Coming Soon

Mafia III is out tomorrow, and the PC version of the game will initially be limited to a frame rate of 30 FPS. However, a post-launch patch is planned to release shortly afterwards to support higher frame rates to alleviate

Test Chamber – The First Hour Of Mafia III

Andrew Reiner, Jeff Cork, and I head down to New Bordeaux in Hangar 13’s open-world gangster sim, Mafia III. Bad guys are shot, pedestrians are run over, and gators are fed. The new installment of the vaunted Mafia series stars

Sharkoon Introduces SKILLER SGH1 Lightweight Headset

Sharkoon introduces the SKILLER SGH1 lightweight stereo headset with flexible headband. Source: Vortex Hardware News

Hands-On With Three Hours Of Not-So-Stealthy Murder In Dishonored 2

Editor’s Note: The following article appears in Game Informer Australia and is written by David Milner. You can follow him on Twitter here. A lot can happen in 15 years. After supernatural assassin Corvo Attano vanquished the treasonous Lord Regent, restoring