Daily Archives: 10/05/2016

Washington State Puts The Pressure On Valve To Stop Illegal Skins Gambling

The Washington State Gambling Commission has issued a stern ultimatum to Valve: Stop users from using Steam to facilitate “skins gambling,” or face the consequences. The commission sent out a press release today saying that it contacted Valve back in

A Gears Of War Movie Is Officially Happening

During Microsoft’s Gears Of War 4 livestream, The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson confirmed that a Gears of War movie is officially in the works. According to Polygon, Fergusson revealed during the livestream that Microsoft and Universal are teaming up

For Honor Drops The Axe On Split-Screen Support

In an interview with IGN, For Honor producer Stephane Cardin announced that the upcoming melee-focused action game will no longer support split-screen multiplayer. Cardin made the announcement in a video discussing For Honor’s closed alpha. “It was a feature that

Blizzard Lays Out Content Roadmap For Overwatch

Overwatch’s Game Director Jeff Kaplan discussed today in their Developer Update video series what the Overwatch team is currently working on as well as a general content release schedule. While Kaplan stressed that some stuff may be cut before we

Wayward Sky Review – A Breezy Adventure Elevated By Its Charm

Wayward Sky takes place in a kooky world that soars high above the clouds, where you hitch rides by grabbing hold of flying chickens and hose down mechanical insects to defeat them. Charm emanates from its cartoonish animations and delightful

Bloodstained Developer Partners With Publisher 505 Games

Koji Igarashi’s company IGA has found a publisher for their Kickstarter project Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. 505 Games will help fund the release of the game as well as marketing for the title. Their published titles list is fairly

Nielsen Ranks Most-Anticipated Games Of Holiday 2016

Media ratings giant Nielsen has ranked the most hotly-anticipated video games slated for release in the upcoming holiday season. Among multi-platform games, Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare lead the pack, both with “anticipation levels” of 96 percent.

Fallout 4/Skyrim Mods Are Back On For PlayStation 4, With One Big Caveat

Bethesda’s plan to bring Fallout 4 mods to the PS4 ran into a series of setbacks since the game’s release, leading to delays and the eventual cancellation of the feature last month. Today, Bethesda announced that mods are coming to

The Virtual Life – Accepting The Mystery With Virginia

I’m diving deep into Virginia to talk about the game so uh SPOILERS AHEAD. I’m going to be upfront with you. I’m not going to break down what I think the plot of Virginia, Variable States’ mind-bending interactive thriller, is

The Nintendo 2DS Has New Color Schemes, Because Luigi's A Screw-up

Nintendo’s budget handheld is looking a lot more stylish thanks to a color redesign that the publisher is “blaming” on Mario’s bumbling bro. The original 2DS was easier on the wallet than it was on the eyes; the only color