Daily Archives: 10/03/2016

Report: Digital Homicide Drops Legal Action Against Steam Users

Last month, we reported on a surprising court filing from developer Digital Homicide against online Steam users who had left negative reviews and comments about the company’s games. Subsequently, Valve chose to remove that developer’s games from the popular online

Test Chamber – Why Modern Warfare Remastered Stands The Test Of Time

Back in 2007, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare revamped our expectations of not only the design of many shooters’ multiplayer suites, but also how they examined the wars they recreated. To say it was “influential” is an understatement. Though

Stardew Valley 1.1 Launch Trailer Is Relentlessly Charming

For a game about something as simple as farming and rural life and relationships, Stardew Valley sure has an enthusiastic following, including several members of the Game Informer staff. Our reviewer, Javy Gwaltney, also got a big kick out of

What We Learned Playing With The Pokémon Go Plus

Pokémon Go remains one of the top-grossing downloads in the iOS App Store months after its initial release. What started as a fun distraction based on nostalgia turned into a crazy summer of meeting complete strangers and catching monsters. While

New Tracks Hitting Rock Band 4 As Rivals Expansion Prepares To Launch

Through a combination of pre-ordering the expansion and normal new song purchases, Harmonix has a bevy of new tracks arriving on Rock Band 4 this month.  Rock Band Rivals is nearing launch, and Harmonix is gearing up with a new

Five Fun Diversions In Horizon Zero Dawn's Open World

Horizon Zero Dawn takes you to a post-post apocalyptic world that’s just as beautiful as it is dangerous. In this unique landscape, humanity has regressed, losing its technological advancements and struggling to survive against mechanical beasts who have replaced them

The Sports Desk – Discovering Infinite Air

The promises for HB Studios’ Infinite Air sound simple but grand – allow players to create mountains filled with runs and stuff to trick off of, and then drop in/drop out of any creation at any time. But, as the

Ben Affleck's Solo Batman Film Has A Working Title

Whether it was for simplicity’s sake or because The Dark Knight was already taken, Ben Affleck’s upcoming solo Batman film will simply be called The Batman. Director, co-writer, and Batman himself, Ben Affleck stated in an interview with The Associated

Street Fighter V Gets Spooky DLC

Street Fighter 5 is about to get a little more scary with new Halloween DLC. Seven costumes and a new stage round out this frightful update, which hits digital storefronts on October 11. Each costume will cost $3.99 while the

Twitch Prime – Premium Twitch Experience with Amazon Prime

Introducing Twitch Prime, the premium Twitch experience with the help of Amazon Prime. Source: Vortex Hardware News