Daily Archives: 10/02/2016

Japan Getting Catherine Costume DLC For Persona 5

A Catherine-themed DLC is coming for Persona 5 in Japan, to celebrate Altus’ successful launch. The DLC is a costume pack, which allows players to dress up the main Persona 5 cast in the iconic character clothing from Altus’ 2011

Brush Up On Your 3DS Knowledge With Did You Know Gaming's Newest Segment

Gaming trivia YouTube channel Did You Know Gaming takes a closer look at the history of the Nintendo 3DS in its newest video. While many of the facts aren’t exactly obscure, it nonetheless gives a thorough overview of the handheld console’s

Prepare For Mafia III's Release Next Week With Our Hub Of Exclusive Content

Mafia III, the anticipated sequel to the action adventure mobster series, is finally out next week. To get ready for its release, now is the perfect time to look back at Game Informer‘s hub of exclusive content for the game,

Super Replay – Resident Evil 4 Episode 11

Much like the zombie creatures Resident Evil is known for, we can’t seem to rid ourselves of former Game Informer editor turned Capcom associate brand manager, Tim Turi. He tries to leave and we think he’s gone, but suddenly he,

Thermaltake Introduces Engine 27 Low-Profile CPU Cooler

Thermaltake Technology introduces Engine 27 1U low-profile CPU cooler. Source: Vortex Hardware News

You Must Break Into Someone's Home In Horror Game Hello Neighbor

Why is your neighbor so suspicious? Does he have a secret locked up in his basement? Something ominous is happening next door, and it’s up to you to get to the bottom of it in Hello Neighbor. This stealth horror

Marvel Heroes 2016 Celebrates Netflix's Luke Cage With New Content And Costumes

Netflix’s Luke Cage is unsurprisingly a bit hit since its recent debut. To celebrate, Marvel Heroes 2016 is bringing a bunch of Luke Cage-themed content to its free-to-play game, all of which is available now. These include a visual upgrade to

The Escapists 2 Arrives Next Year, Adds Multiplayer And More

A couple years ago, indie developer Mouldy Toof released The Escapists, a prison simulation game where you meticulously plan your escape. Now, the team along with publisher Team17, have announced the title’s sequel. The Escapists 2 will once again center