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Get Some Tips On Improving At Fighting Games In This Video

Core A Gaming is a Youtube channel focused on covering topics in fighting games. Many of them focus helping newer players improve and understand fighting games. The channel’s latest video focuses on the process of improving itself. Many people find

Official Website Implies Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Could Require Infinite Warfare Disc To Play

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare might be one of the most anticipated games of the Fall. It’s also only available digitally, as part of the special editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, meaning players have to spend at least

Reader Discussion – What Game Have You Bought The Most Times?

Early on in this console cycle, we were hit with a deluge of remasters. In lieu of a great lineup of original games, companies were content to resell their older games (which could often run poorly on older consoles) give

Netherlands Authorities Take Pokémon Go Developer To Court Over Crowded Beaches

Since its launch back in July, Pokémon Go has seen more than its fair share of wild stories cataloging its enormous impact. We can add at least one more story to that list this week As The Guardian reports, authorities in

Never Played Shenmue II? Watch Us Play The First Hour

Last year, over the course of four months, we played through Shenmue for the Dreamcast in its entirety. It was an experimental video series, with an undefined schedule that allowed us to take in all the feedback for each episode

Final Fantasy XV Art Director Yusuke Naora Leaves Square Enix

Yusuke Naora has worked on Final Fantasy for over two decades, taking the helm as Art Director of the series as far back as Final Fantasy VI and as recently as Final Fantasy XV. Naora’s history spans some of the

Microsoft Announces Xbox One S Gears Of War 4 Bundles In White, Blue Variants

On the eve of Gears of War 4’s October 11 launch, Microsoft has announced a pair of bundles to coincide with its Fall blockbuster. For $349, you can get a white Xbox One S with 1TB of hard drive space,

Capcom Issues Street Fighter V Update To Delete 'Capcom.sys' File

Last week we chronicled the saga of Street Fighter V’s September 1.09 update, which added a character and a number for new features but also contained a dangerous file called “Capcom.sys.” The file was originally planned as an anti-cheating measure but

What To Watch This Weekend: League Of Legends' Biggest Tournament, CEOtaku, And Dota 2

The last few weeks have been a bit dry when it comes to watching eSports. It felt like we were waiting for the axe to fall and this week, it has. Several games are back in full swing this week,

100ft Robot Golf's Dan Teasdale On PSVR And Rock Band/Destroy All Humans' Origins

One of the most unique launch games on PlayStation VR is No Goblin’s take on an arcade golfing game called 100ft Robot Golf. On the latest episode of The Game Informer Show podcast, we Skyped in No Goblin’s Dan Teasdale