Daily Archives: 09/27/2016

Be Quiet Debuts The Silent Loop AIO Liquid Cooler Series

Available in 120, 240 and 280mm radiator sizes, the Silent Loop series innovates with a pump design that reduces vibration and hence effective noise compared to conventional designs. Source: Vortex Hardware News

Deus Ex Mankind Divided: System Rift Review

System Rift takes characters and places from different parts of the Deus Ex universe and connects them in a neat, interesting way. It even hints at some potentially ambitious new directions for the series to explore. But while it’s substantially

Toshiba Introduces OCZ TL100 SSD Series

Toshiba launches the OCZ TL100 SSD Series designed for entry-level builders looking for an affordable SSD solution. Source: Vortex Hardware News

The Best Ever S340 – NZXT Release The S340 Elite Chassis

Tempered glass side panel, sharp edges, VR-optimised IO front panel and more, the S340 Elite from NZXT puts chassis design into the VR era. Source: Vortex Hardware News

The EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 and 1070 FTW HYBRID Released

EVGA announces the EVGA GTX 1080 and 1070 FTW HYBRID graphics cards with closed-loop liquid cooling. Source: Vortex Hardware News

AMD's Enterprise Team Unveil Polaris-Based Embedded GPU Solutions

The E9260 and E9550 will slot into AMD existing embedded product stack, offering performance up to 5.8TFLOPS for a wide range of applied solutions. Source: Vortex Hardware News

Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice Review

Sonic games have often struggled with providing the speed and excitement implied by the series’ namesake hedgehog while also accommodating meaningful and rewarding exploration, but Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice admirably accomplishes both goals in old-school 2D-platformer fashion. You can

AMD 7th Gen A6-9500 and A12-9800 CPU CINEBENCH Scores

Korean overclocker tests the new AMD 7th Gen A6-9500 and and A12-9800 CPU with CINEBENCH R11.5 and R15. Source: Vortex Hardware News