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Virginia Review

The first thing we see in Virginia’s opening shot is a woman sliding a key into a locked box. The camera cuts away before we get to see what’s inside, gracefully setting the tone for the haunting, enigmatic tale to

GI Show – Best/Worst New IP, Virginia, BioShock Game Club

Welcome to a new episode of The Game Informer Show! First off, Kimberley Wallace talks about the most impressive games that she played at the Tokyo Game Show this year and explains why Nioh really stood out. Then we have

Mount & Blade: Warband Review

Graphics aren’t everything – but they’re something. The sandbox-style RPG Mount & Blade: Warband is perhaps best compared to a work like the Bayeux Tapestry, a 230-foot long strip of cloth in northern France detailing one of the landmark events

FIFA 17 Review

FIFA 17’s headline feature is The Journey, a story about a prodigious young talent attempting to make a name for himself in the Premier League. It’s a microcosm of everything that’s good and bad about FIFA – peerless presentation surrounding

NBA 2K17 Review

NBA 2K17 succeeds by touching a spot on the backboard most other sports games can’t jump up and reach. Even when it feels too grindy or misses a step, it provides diverse options and singular moments of basketball gameplay bliss