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Weekend Warrior – Spooky Times Ahead

September is coming to a close which means everything is going to start to get spooky. Ghosts, goblins, and other monsters are gonna be on the prowl, but luckily we have Luke Cage to stop them. Javy Gwaltney (@HurdyIV) –

[Update] Skyrim's Soundtrack To Be Performed Live In London Without Composer's Involvement

Update: Skyrim’s composer, Jeremy Soule, took to his official Facebook group to voice his displeasure over the live orchestra concert of the game. He said: Concert? What concert??? Anyone that knows me also knows that I care passionately about the integrity

Twitch Prime Revealed, Offers "Game Loot" And Game Discounts To Amazon Prime Members

Today Twitch revealed a new service bundled into Amazon Prime memberships called Twitch Prime. Just what is it Twitch Prime? Here’s the breakdown from the blog post: Twitch Prime is a new premium experience on Twitch that is included with

Sunless Sea Lead Writer Announces 'Cultist Simulator'

Alexis Kennedy, the lead writer and creative director of Sunless Sea, announced on his blog today that he’s working on new game called Cultist Simulator. Kennedy, who has also worked as a writer, coder, and creative director on games including

Join Our Game Club Discussion Of BioShock

This year on The Game Informer Show podcast, we kicked off GI Game Club that has us playing through games and discussing them in detail with our community. The new game that we’re tackling, thanks to the remastered collection that’s available now, is

Top Of The Table – Codenames: Pictures

Recent readers of Game Informer’s tabletop coverage know that I’m a big fan of Codenames, which I named one of my top games from 2015. This winner of 2016’s coveted Spiel des Jahres award is a brilliant game of deduction,

Editor Roundtable: Let's Talk About Virginia

We’re going to be talking all about Virginia, so MAJOR SPOILERS for the entire game basically. Javy Gwaltney: Hey everyone! I played Virginia for review a few weeks back and absolutely adored the game for its surrealness and strong character

Test Chamber – Who's The Best Clustertrucker?

In this episode of Test Chamber, Kyle and I enter a deadly showdown in the frantic new truck-hopping action game, Clustertruck. Developed by Landfall Games, each level in Clustertruck entails jumping between a series of semi-trucks as they barrel towards

Final Fantasy XV's Road Trip Music Revealed

Yesterday, Square Enix held its latest Active Time Report, giving us another update on Final Fantasy XV. The biggest takeaway this time was a long list of songs you’ll be able to listen to as Noctis and his buddies roam

SportsBarVR Lets Players Hang Out In A Virtual Bar And Wear Silly Hats

Developers Perilous Orbit and Cherry Pop Games have announced SportsBarVR, a bar simulation complete with pub games an silly hats, The mini games range from air-hockey to pool and darts, which you can play when you aren’t throwing bottles and