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Pokemon GO Changes In-Game Map Feature

Pokemon GO developer Niantic shifted its in-game map feature from Google Maps to OSM last night, drastically changing the AR map for players worldwide. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Lawsuit to Cost Milwaukee County Thousands of Dollars

Milwaukee County in Wisconsin could be forced to pay thousands of dollars to settle a lawsuit that required Pokemon GO and other AR games like it to get a permit. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Will Keep Double XP, Stardust Until December

A new tweet from the official Pokemon GO account causes a lot of confusion, announcing that double Stardust and XP are sticking around until December, as planned. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO: How to Beat Ho-Oh Easily

Pokemon GO’s newest legendary raid is giving players a fair bit of trouble, but knowing which Pokemon to bring into battle should give trainers the best shot at victory. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO: Ho-oh Has a Very Low Catch Rate

Pokemon GO character Ho-oh has an incredibly low catch rate, making the game’s newest legendary Pokemon one of the hardest Pokemon for players to catch. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO: New Legendary Appearing in Raids Worldwide

As a bonus reward to Pokemon GO players that participated in the Global Catch Challenge and caught 3 billion Pokemon, Niantic has added a new legendary Pokemon to raids. Source: GameRant

Call of Duty: WW2 Leak Reveals New Modes and Weapons

Video footage of Call of Duty: WW2 captured by YouTuber IAMJarni reveals a number of new multiplayer modes like Gun Game as well as a new weapons for players to find. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Car Crashes Lead to Millions in Damages, Multiple Deaths

Pokemon GO related car crashes and traffic accidents may have cost people in the United States billions of dollars, with multiple deaths also being recorded. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO: Farfetch’d is Now Available Worldwide

The Pokemon GO community rallies together to catch 3 billion Pokemon, completing Niantic’s Global Catch Challenge and unlocking the region-exclusive Farfetch’d worldwide. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Secretly Releases Ho-oh Raid

Pokemon GO players discover a secret Ho-Oh EX Raid being held at Uradome Coast Gym, near where Niantic is hosting a Global Challenge Event Safari Zone. Source: GameRant