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Test Chamber – Rez Infinite For PlayStation VR

Rez released 15 years ago on PlayStation 2, but despite its age, it feels like a game that was meant for virtual reality. Rez Infinite has a new level, but is otherwise a nearly identical experience to its original release.

Test Chamber – RIGS Mechanized Combat League For PlayStation VR

RIGS Mechanized COmbat League is one of PlayStation VR’s more interesting competitive multiplayer experiences. It’s a game with mechs (or rigs in this case) and guns, but it has more in common with Rocket League than something like Armored Core.

Decorate Your Vault With This Power Armor Statue

Vault dwellers trying to find some classy Power Armor won’t have to look far with this new set of statues from Three Zero. Both models are 14.5-inches tall and based on the default female Wanderer which is a change of

Seven Creative Approaches To Difficulty That Make Games Better

Normal difficulty steals all the glory. It makes sense that most developers would tune their base difficulty for the average player, because that’s the mode that the majority of their audience is going to see. The Hard and I Hate

Upcoming Steam Update Will Expand PlayStation 4 Controller Support

Valve is currently hosting its Steam Dev Days developer conference in Seattle. During the conference, Valve’s Jeff Bellinghausen revealed that an upcoming Steam update will soon expand its controller options for the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller. In short, this

Catch Up On Gears Of War's Lore With This Video

Want some more lore before you play Gears of War 4? Lore, a YouTube channel focused on quick facts and recaps, has your back. This video is geared towards reviewing the lore of the whole franchise rather than breaking down

Test Chamber – Exploring Here They Lie's Dark VR Underground

With the PlayStation VR launching this week, buyers are going to be looking for what games they should pick up with their fancy new headset (along with motion sickness medicine). As I wrote in my review, Here They Lie should

Lo Wang And Co. Dissect Demons In Shadow Warrior 2 Launch Trailer

Shadow Warrior 2 launches tomorrow, so a new launch trailer is up today, which introduces Shadow Warrior 2’s motley cast of characters, all of whom seem to share leading man Lo Wang’s enthusiasm for cutting demons into very small pieces.

Mafia III Review – An Offer Worth Refusing

Mafia III is a fascinating period-piece game set in 1968, a year often cited as one of the most turbulent times in American history. The Vietnam War, the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy, the civil-rights

Bethesda’s Real-Life Model Of Doom’s BFG Is Absurd

Doom’s BFG is one of the deadliest weapons in gaming. As it turns out that a real-life version could also crush you with its size. After Bethedada contacted MyMiniFactory about making a life-sized version of Doom’s demon-obliterating powerhouse, the 3D