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Pokemon GO EX Raid Invite System is Broken

Pokemon GO players might find it hard to participate in an EX Raid to catch Mewtwo not because they are unlucky, but because the invite system is bugged. Source: GameRant

Minecraft Adds Stranger Things Skin Pack

Mojang reveals a new Stranger Things skin pack that brings the cast of the Netflix Original horror series straight to the block-filled lands of Minecraft. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO: Shiny Duskull and Shiny Dusclops Confirmed

Pokemon GO players begin to catch shiny Duskull in the wild and confirm that the evolution of the Gen 3 Pokemon, Dusclops, has a shiny version too. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Pokestop Bug Finally Fixed

The annoying Pokemon GO bug that has trainers only receiving two items from PokeStops has finally been fixed in a new but quiet update from developer Niantic. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Announces a New Event

A new Korea-specific event called Pokemon GO Week will feature increased spawns, new additions, and a range of returning Legendary creatures in Seoul. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Safari Zone Event in Sweden is Huge Hit

Niantic holds the final Safari Zone event for Pokemon GO in Sweden, where players were greeted with dozens of PokeStops in a single area and plenty of creatures to catch. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Raid Beat Solo Using Six Xatu

Avid Pokemon GO player and YouTuber DrAwesomeBlox releases a video of himself completing a Machamp raid solo using a team of the psychic/flying-type Pokemon Xatu. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Reveals Photo Contest with Special Prize

The developer Niantic officially announces a Pokemon GO photo contest, giving players around the world a chance to win Pokemon GO prizes for snapping AR photos. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO: Did PokeStops Get Stealth Nerfed?

Pokemon GO players discover that PokeStops are giving out far less items than usual, without any warning from Niantic. Have PokeStops been nerfed or is it a glitch? Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Brings Back Legendary Birds in Select Areas

Legendary Birds are returning to Niantic’s massively popular mobile game Pokemon GO, but only players in a certain global region will have access to them. Source: GameRant