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Pokemon GO Will Keep Double XP, Stardust Until December

A new tweet from the official Pokemon GO account causes a lot of confusion, announcing that double Stardust and XP are sticking around until December, as planned. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO: New Legendary Appearing in Raids Worldwide

As a bonus reward to Pokemon GO players that participated in the Global Catch Challenge and caught 3 billion Pokemon, Niantic has added a new legendary Pokemon to raids. Source: GameRant

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen Criticizes Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Supermodel and actress Chrissy Teigen criticizes Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, saying that the mobile game lacks the ‘heart’ of the core Animal Crossing series. Source: GameRant

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Adding New Villagers, Holiday Content Soon

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be adding brand new villagers as well as a variety of holiday-themed content, according to datamined files from the latest update. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO: Farfetch’d is Now Available Worldwide

The Pokemon GO community rallies together to catch 3 billion Pokemon, completing Niantic’s Global Catch Challenge and unlocking the region-exclusive Farfetch’d worldwide. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Secretly Releases Ho-oh Raid

Pokemon GO players discover a secret Ho-Oh EX Raid being held at Uradome Coast Gym, near where Niantic is hosting a Global Challenge Event Safari Zone. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Players Unlock Silver Tier Rewards for Global Catch Challenge

Niantic announces that Pokemon GO players have caught over 1.5 billion Pokemon, which is enough to unlock the silver tier rewards in the Global Catch Challenge. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Datamine Reveals New Shiny Pokemon

Hours after Niantic releases a new performance-enhancing update for Pokemon GO, dataminers discover evidence that the game will receive a new shiny Pokemon soon. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Releases New Update for Android and iOS

Niantic announces a new performance-boosting update for mobile game Pokemon GO, saying versions for both iPhone and Android devices are currently in development. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO EX Raid Invite System is Broken

Pokemon GO players might find it hard to participate in an EX Raid to catch Mewtwo not because they are unlucky, but because the invite system is bugged. Source: GameRant