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Now Arriving: Games of December 2017

Well, here it is folks, the final month of the 2017 calendar year. Typically, December is viewed as a time to catch-up. A month where players use to not only catch their breath from the whirlwind release schedule of the

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Adds Xenosaga Character to the Game

Developer Monolith Soft announces the addition of a brand new Blade to Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and it’s likely to be a familiar face to those who played the Xenosaga series. Source: GameRant

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Contain Questionable Item Design

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon players uncover an item that has an innocent enough name, but seems to resemble something that has no place in a kid’s game. Source: GameRant

Ubisoft Reveals Deals on Nintendo Switch Games

As part of a Cyber Monday promotion, Ubisoft reveals discounts on Nintendo Switch and Wii U games, including Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Just Dance. Source: GameRant

Nintendo Switch Won Black Friday and Thanksgiving, Says Report

According to a report by Adobe, the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling item online for both Black Friday and Thanksgiving, beating the PS4 and Xbox One in sales. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO: Ho-oh Has a Very Low Catch Rate

Pokemon GO character Ho-oh has an incredibly low catch rate, making the game’s newest legendary Pokemon one of the hardest Pokemon for players to catch. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO: New Legendary Appearing in Raids Worldwide

As a bonus reward to Pokemon GO players that participated in the Global Catch Challenge and caught 3 billion Pokemon, Niantic has added a new legendary Pokemon to raids. Source: GameRant

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Adding New Villagers, Holiday Content Soon

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be adding brand new villagers as well as a variety of holiday-themed content, according to datamined files from the latest update. Source: GameRant

Call of Duty: WW2 Leak Reveals New Modes and Weapons

Video footage of Call of Duty: WW2 captured by YouTuber IAMJarni reveals a number of new multiplayer modes like Gun Game as well as a new weapons for players to find. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Car Crashes Lead to Millions in Damages, Multiple Deaths

Pokemon GO related car crashes and traffic accidents may have cost people in the United States billions of dollars, with multiple deaths also being recorded. Source: GameRant