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Nintendo President Teases New Donkey Kong Game

In a recent interview regarding Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime name drops Donkey Kong when speaking about Nintendo’s desire to create new experiences. Source: GameRant

How Long Does Super Mario Odyssey Take to Beat?

Some fans may be wondering how long it takes to beat Nintendo’s critically-acclaimed Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch, and we have the answer right here. Source: GameRant

What Each Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Unlocks In-Game

Super Mario Odyssey players can use a range of Amiibo in order to boost their gameplay or change up Mario’s signature look. Here’s what each one can do. Source: GameRant

Super Mario Odyssey Review

Super Mario Odyssey is a spectacular return to form that’ll delight casual players and platforming fans, delivering one of the biggest and best games ever from Nintendo. Source: GameRant

Nintendo is Open to Mature Games on the Switch Console

A new report indicates that Nintendo has taken a more open-minded approach to adult themes in games, and is encouraging producers of mature titles to provide content for the Switch. Source: GameRant

Sunday Video Round Up: October 8 -14

I don’t know, I found last week’s Sunday Video Round up to be pretty nice, so I’m doing it twice! In all honesty here, there’s been plenty of times where my posting of this article on a Saturday morning has

Stephen Colbert Burns Pokemon GO In Monologue

Stephen Colbert takes a swing at gamers who are still playing Niantic’s mobile AR game, Pokemon GO, during a recent monologue on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Raid Beat Solo Using Six Xatu

Avid Pokemon GO player and YouTuber DrAwesomeBlox releases a video of himself completing a Machamp raid solo using a team of the psychic/flying-type Pokemon Xatu. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Reveals Photo Contest with Special Prize

The developer Niantic officially announces a Pokemon GO photo contest, giving players around the world a chance to win Pokemon GO prizes for snapping AR photos. Source: GameRant

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Reveals New Z Moves For Necrozma

The latest trailer for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon introduces fans to the powerful new Z move attacks for Pokemon like Dusk Mane Necrozma and Dawn Wings Necrozma. Source: GameRant