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Final Fantasy 15 PC Development ‘100 Times’ Easier Than Console, Says Director

Final Fantasy 15’s PC port may boast superior graphics and new features, but the game is actually easier to develop than the console version, says Hajime Tabata. Source: GameRant

Final Fantasy 15: Episode Gladio Gameplay Video Shows First 15 Minutes

Square Enix unveils a new gameplay video for Final Fantasy 15’s Episode Gladiolus DLC at PAX East 2017, showcasing the first 15 minutes of the upcoming expansion pack. Source: GameRant

Final Fantasy 15 Videos Show Off Game Engine, World Building

Square Enix releases a series of videos that showcase how Final Fantasy 15 was made, including a closer look at the upcoming JRPG’s Luminous Studio engine. Final Fantasy 15 looks shockingly different from any Final Fantasy title that preceded it, but that