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Madden Tournament Shooter Played Video Games ‘Obsessively’

Divorce paperwork filed by the parents of the Madden NFL 19 tournament shooter reveal a history of mental illness, including an apparent ‘obsession’ with video games. Source: GameRant

Jacksonville Sheriff Reveals Names of Madden Shooting Victims

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office releases the names of Taylor Robertson and Elijah Clayton who were both victims of yesterday’s shooting in Jacksonville, FL. Source: GameRant

Madden Shooting Site Was in Dispute with City Over Security Concerns, More

A legal dispute between the city of Jacksonville and the owner of the Jacksonville Landing reveals there were security concerns at the site of the Madden shooting. Source: GameRant

Petition to Remove EA’s Star Wars License Reaches 80K Signatures

The recently created petition to revoke Electronic Arts’ Star Wars licence has amassed an incredible number of signatures in the few days it has been live. Source: GameRant

Hawaii State Legislator Criticizes Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Boxes and Day-One DLC

Hawaii State Legislator Sean Quinlan discusses the ongoing Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box controversy, criticizing the use of day-one DLC in the process. Source: GameRant

Star Wars Battlefront 2 New Patch Doesn’t Fix Any Critical Issues

Electronic Arts releases a new patch for Star Wars Battlefront 2, but consumers hoping to find solutions to the game’s most glaring issues are out of luck. Source: GameRant

Games Industry Hopes to Fix Loot Boxes Without Government Help

The games industry may be able to solve the controversy surrounding loot boxes and microtransactions without government help, as a self-regulatory body is formed. Source: GameRant

New Petition Wants Lucasfilm to Revoke EA’s Star Wars License

One Star Wars fan kicks off a petition to have LucasFilm and its parent company Disney revoke the license to make Star Wars games from Electronic Arts. Source: GameRant

ESA Insists Loot Boxes Aren’t Gambling

The Entertainment Software Association releases its statement on the ongoing loot box controversy, insisting that loot boxes aren’t a form of gambling. Source: GameRant

UK Gambling Commission Releases Stance on Loot Boxes

In light of the recent Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box controversy, the UK Gambling Commission reveals its stance on the use of loot boxes in video games. Source: GameRant