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World of Demons Trailer Shows Okami-Like Art Style

Platinum Games, the studio behind Bayonetta and Nier: Automata, announces a new mobile game entitled World of Demons, featuring an art style reminiscent of Okami. Source: GameRant

Civil War Horror Game The Beast Inside Looks Terrifying

Watch the trailer for The Beast Inside, a new horror game set in both the Civil War and Cold War that has been successfully funded on Kickstarter for PC. Source: GameRant

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass Announced with Trailer

Croatian developer Croteam announces that it will be releasing the latest title in the Serious Sam series, Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass, via a teaser trailer. Source: GameRant

Jak and Daxter PS4 Bundle Release Date Confirmed with New Trailer

After it was leaked a couple of days ago, Sony officially confirms that the Naughty Dog-developed Jak and Daxter PS2 games are all coming to the PlayStation 4. Source: GameRant

Black Mirror Series Reboot Releases Today

The classic point-and-click adventure series Black Mirror has been rebooted, bringing with it revamped visuals, a re-imagined story, and lots of gothic-style horror. Source: GameRant

Civilization 6 Expansion ‘Rise and Fall’ Announced

Firaxis announces the first expansion to Civilization 6, Rise and Fall, which will add loads of new content as well as new systems to help lead humanity. Source: GameRant

Resident Evil 7 Trailer Teases Fake Chris Redfield Theory

Capcom releases a new trailer for Resident Evil 7’s Not A Hero DLC that teases that the fake Chris Redfield fan theory may be more accurate than previously believed. Source: GameRant

Resident Evil 7 Trailer Recaps the Tragic Life of Zoe Baker

To hype the upcoming launch of Resident Evil 7’s End of Zoe DLC expansion, Capcom releases a new recap video that details the tragic life of Zoe Baker. Source: GameRant

Shadow of the Colossus Gets Release Date in New Gameplay Trailer

Sony announces that the Shadow of the Colossus remake will be available starting February 6th, celebrating the release date announcement with a brand new trailer. Source: GameRant

Detroit: Become Human Trailer Reveals Release Window

Sony reveals a brand new Detroit: Become Human trailer at Paris Games Week 2017, confirming the game’s release date window and showcasing new gameplay. Source: GameRant