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Rockstar Games Reveals Black Friday Sale

The annual Rockstar Thanksgiving Weekend sale is almost here and fans of the developer are already gearing up to make significant savings on some beloved games. Source: GameRant

GTA Online DLC Update Adds Batmobile and More

Rockstar releases the latest Grand Theft Auto Online content update, featuring the gruesome Condemned game mode and the weaponized Batmobile-like Vigilante car. Source: GameRant

L.A. Noire Remaster 4K Trailer Looks Absolutely Beautiful

Rockstar Games reveals a brand new trailer for the L.A Noire remaster showing off the game’s 4K Ultra HD graphics ahead of its current-gen release date. Source: GameRant

Red Dead Redemption 2 Horses Have Impressive Detail

Red Dead Redemption 2 horses have impressive detail, according to the latest trailer, with fans saying that it bodes well for the full wildlife system. Source: GameRant