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15 Most Anticipated Games of Fall 2018

With the holiday season fast approaching and a slew of games releasing, here is what we at Game Rant believe to be the top 15 most anticipated games of fall 2018. Source: GameRant

10 Best Video Game Secret Bosses

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5 Improvements Destiny 2 Needs to Make to Bring Players Back

Destiny 2 players are not happy with the endgame in Bungie’s shooter sequel, but there are some ways to improve the experience and ideally win those fans back. Source: GameRant

Top 10 Best Retro Horror Games

Horror gaming fans that have played all the newer releases should check out these 10 best retro horror games from the 80s and 90s that still hold up to this day. Source: GameRant

10 Unlikely Games We Want on a Nintendo 64 Classic

With recent patents pointing to the inevitable release of a Nintendo 64 Classic, Game Rant takes a look at 10 unlikely titles that we want on the supposed system. Source: GameRant

10 Video Game Sequels We’re Still Waiting For

Over the years, there have been many great games that have never had a proper follow-up or sequel. Here are the 10 game sequels we are still waiting for. Source: GameRant