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Cyberpunk 2077 Offers Fluid Class System

CD Projekt Red creates a fluid class system for its forthcoming action-RPG, Cyberpunk 2077, offering players more flexibility to define their characters. Source: GameRant

Madden Shooting Site Was in Dispute with City Over Security Concerns, More

A legal dispute between the city of Jacksonville and the owner of the Jacksonville Landing reveals there were security concerns at the site of the Madden shooting. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Gen 4 Release May Be Farther Off Than Expected

A new discovery suggests that the Pokemon GO Gen 4 release date is farther away than expected after datamined files had fans wondering if a release was imminent. Source: GameRant

Destiny 2 Extended Maintenance Set for Tomorrow

The video game developer Bungie officially announces that an extended maintenance period will occur tomorrow for its science fiction shooter, Destiny 2. Source: GameRant

CyberPunk 2077 Gameplay Demo: Watch Now

CD Projekt Red releases the first public hands-on gameplay demo for Cyberpunk 2077 and players can watch it now to see everything from character creation to open-world exploration. Source: GameRant

Fortnite Reveals Boogiedown Contest Winner for Dance Emote

Epic Games’ Boogiedown contest has come to a close, and one fan has won the privilege of having his dance moves permanently added to Fortnite as an emote Source: GameRant

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wants to Exceed the Original, Says Posting

A recent job posting by Square Enix reveals that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake design team wants to create a game that exceeds the original Final Fantasy 7. Source: GameRant

Valve Absorbs Firewatch Developer Campo Santo

Campo Santo reveals that the team of 12 developers will be moving to Bellevue, Washington and joining Valve, while work on In the Valley of Gods will continue. Source: GameRant

10 Best Video Game Secret Bosses

There have been countless secret boss fights in video games throughout the years, but the 10 secret bosses listed here stand out as the most memorable. Source: GameRant

Fortnite Adds Tomatohead Skin

Epic Games adds the Tomatohead skin to Fortnite, meaning most all of the previously leaked skins from last week’s datamine are now available for purchase in-game. Source: GameRant