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Fortnite Reveals Boogiedown Contest Winner for Dance Emote

Epic Games’ Boogiedown contest has come to a close, and one fan has won the privilege of having his dance moves permanently added to Fortnite as an emote Source: GameRant

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wants to Exceed the Original, Says Posting

A recent job posting by Square Enix reveals that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake design team wants to create a game that exceeds the original Final Fantasy 7. Source: GameRant

Valve Absorbs Firewatch Developer Campo Santo

Campo Santo reveals that the team of 12 developers will be moving to Bellevue, Washington and joining Valve, while work on In the Valley of Gods will continue. Source: GameRant

10 Best Video Game Secret Bosses

There have been countless secret boss fights in video games throughout the years, but the 10 secret bosses listed here stand out as the most memorable. Source: GameRant

Fortnite Adds Tomatohead Skin

Epic Games adds the Tomatohead skin to Fortnite, meaning most all of the previously leaked skins from last week’s datamine are now available for purchase in-game. Source: GameRant

Check Out God of War’s Photo Mode in Action

God of War is already one of the best games of the year, and during a livestream, Sony Santa Monica shows off the upcoming photo mode for their hit game. Source: GameRant

Xbox Free Games With Gold for May 2018 Revealed

May’s Xbox Games With Gold are revealed, promising several free Xbox One and Xbox 360 games for Xbox Gold subscribers including Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. Source: GameRant

Sony Releases Funny Dog of War Trailer

PlayStation Europe releases a parody promotional video for God of War called Dog of War, where Kratos is replaced by an adorable dog in a fake marketing pitch. Source: GameRant

Pokemon GO Could Be Adding More PokeStops and Gyms

Pokemon GO players can expect a high influx of new PokeStops and Gyms appearing in their neighborhoods as Niantic fixes Operation Portal Recon errors in Ingress. Source: GameRant

New Doom Movie in the Works at Universal

Actress Nina Bergman takes to Twitter to reveal that she has signed on to star in an upcoming Doom film reboot that is in development at Universal Studios. Source: GameRant